Gaming Servers: What They Are and Why You Need One

Multiplayer games usually make use of a single client host that is responsible for hosting and playing a game. This setup is the reason why gamers experience lagging issues or slow performance when playing games. It could even cause the game to crash, and eventually, you end up losing game files in the process. The solution to this problem is to have a gaming server that can host your games and won’t disturb your play. A smooth gaming experience is what every gamer wants. In this article, we will look at everything you need to know about gaming servers, and why we think it is very important.

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What Is a Gaming Server?

It is a computer that serves as a host for video games. The gaming server helps keep the connection stable and fast to allow you to play your games online. The server has enough storage capacity, memory, and hosting resources. There are more than enough resources available to run your games smoothly. Gamers use these servers primarily for online games with high workloads like Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and many others.

Most gaming companies prefer to use gaming servers for players to gets a stable gaming environment. Individual gamers can also set up a gaming server for a private online environment. One of the benefits of gaming servers is that you can use them for both single-player and multiplayer games.

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Why Are Gaming Servers Good For Gaming?

The first thing you should know about multiplayer games online is that they all come with clients and a host. The host is usually a server that sends data across all players to keep the game synchronized. Clients, on the other hand, are the players taking part in the game that usually don’t have any responsibility for hosting.

There are many online games where the host could be the player initiating the game or the less active player. Even though the host player loads the game on his computer, the entire gameplay will automatically sync all the players taking part in the game.

One can say that the host can capture information like all the players’ locations as well as each of their activities. It also monitors the interactions, direction of the game, scores, rules,  and other functions.

This would mean that the host computer will need to have sufficient memory, processing power, and bandwidth to accommodate the number of players logged in.  If the computer used by the player hosting the game is weak or there is poor internet, it will cause the game to lag or even crash.

If there is a gaming server, however, this will not be the case. The players’ computer won’t affect the game nor the internet connection. Instead, the players logged into the game will be able to access the game from the server which has enough processing power. It is also better than a local computer which tends to crash.

If you are using a gaming server, as an admin, you can fully configure the game to ensure smooth gaming. There are resources at your disposal like the game configuration, setup tools, and custom scripts. You also have access to change settings like the number of players allowed in the game and can block out players to avoid wasting memory. Gaming servers also allows its user to control the rules of the game, customize, maps, weapons, game characters, etc.

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How Do Gaming Servers Work?

Gaming servers can handle all the hosting required in a game. It also does not need a graphics card because the server isn’t rendering anything. Gaming servers only utilize high processing power and memory to operate in their capacity. The gamer’s computer handles the rest like graphics, sound, and game controls. Games that are run using gaming servers do not experience any lagging or crashing issues.

It allows the user to run the server from their homes. You can rent a gaming server from an IT service provider, which is a cheaper option.  If your gaming server is in the hands of a third-party operator, you won’t have to worry about things like security, hardware, and even prices.

Benefits of Using Gaming Servers

There are many benefits of using gaming servers, and here are some excellent reasons why you need to use one.

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  • Excellent Performance

It has a good internet connection and is built with the latest hardware. There is always a guarantee that your games won’t crash.

  • Solid Infrastructure

Gaming servers usually have technical support available 24/7 so you won’t have any problems when playing your games. The data center will have a backup generator even when there is a power grid problem. You won’t have to worry about problems like overheating because the data centers have cooling systems to ensure the infrastructure is working fine.

  • Handling High Traffic

There are many players connected to gaming servers, and this does not in any way affect its performance. You can customize your game settings to a maximum number of players to avoid overcrowding.

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  • No Corrupt Files

There is never an issue of corrupt game files when you use gaming servers. The games automatically sync and save your progress. You can always log in and continue from where you stopped.

  • High Security

Gaming servers are secure because you are in control of the game. Nobody will have access except the admin. Most gaming server providers invest a lot in cybersecurity.


If you want to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience, you should try out a gaming server. Servers are the most reliable way to manage your multiplayer online games. You will have unlimited access to customers your games, so it runs smoothly. If you don’t know which server to use, Hypernia has a lot of reviews to help you identify the most reliable servers out there.

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