Flower Petal Snack Holder – Serves 10 Different Snacks And Food

Flower Petal Snacks Holder

Being a good host is not an easy task. In fact, it’s a lot of work. You have to think a lot about what and how to serve the guest? What can be served to the adults and what to the kids?

When it comes to serving treats and snacks to our guests, we have to struggle a lot in finding and arranging different dishes and utensils.

If you host very often, then you must already know the condition of our kitchen platform which is fully loaded with a number of candy dishes, plates, bowls, etc. at the time of serving preparations. Also, It is an extremely tiring job to clean that mess after the guests are gone.

Well, you don’t need to struggle now because we are introducing a very creative and easy solution to your problem.

Your all-in-one serving solution is this Nifty Flower Petal Snack Holder. You can serve 10 different types of snacks or candies in this amazing flower holder.




Now, no more running to find the proper dishes and bowls, no more loading the kitchen platform and also, no more struggle to clean the after-party mess.

It is basically a flower-shaped holder which consists of petal-like openings in which different snacks can be served. It is a very creative, compact and handy product that you can use for serving your guests.

Apart from its use, the Flowers Pedal Snack holder looks extremely cute and creative which will surely impress your guest.

The snack holder is made of non-toxic ABS plastic material which makes it very easier to clean and is also durable at the same time.

For opening the flower holder, simply turn the white-colored knob on the top. After, turning the knob, the flower will open its petals very beautifully in which you can store your snacks, nuts, candies or anything you want. After filling the flower box, turn the knob again to lock it and put it anywhere you want. The next time, when the guests will arrive, you only need to present the beautiful flower box before them. You will not need to run here and there for arranging the stuff to welcome your guest and hence, will save a lot of time too.

Flower Petal 10 Snacks Holder

The flower snack holder is available in three different sizes including small, large and a double-decker arrangement of both. Depending on the size of the box, you may also get some space at the top knob that can be used to store small items like, toothpicks, mints, etc.

  • The small size box is 27 wide and 7.5 cm tall.
  • The large size box is  27 cm wide and 8 cm tall.
  • And Finally, the double-decker box is 27 cm wide and 13 cm tall. It is the best out of the three variants as both of the boxes stacked upon one another blooms beautifully when the knob is turned.
  • These flower boxes are available in light pink and light blue color.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself these boxes and be a smart and creative host.

Buy Flower Petal Snack Holder Now. Happy Hosting..!!

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