15 Cool & Unique Gadget Gifts for Tech Lovers – 2024 Guide

Gift picking is an art, and in order to choose a good present, you need to know the person and their preferences very well, and you need to be creative. This present you are giving not only reflects the relationship with the person but also how inventive you are in picking it. Many people struggle to pick the one that is truly representing the love and respect they have towards that person. If you have someone who loves technology and gadgets and you are not sure what to get them, check out this list.

1. Smart coffee cup

Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love coffee, right? For those who are enjoying this beverage, this is a perfect present. Not only that it looks very luxurious but it comes with few technological advances, so you can set the temperature and keep it on the desired one for few hours, making every sip of your favorite beverage perfect.

2. Smart Yoga mat

Source: Yahoo News

This product is very interesting since it can be paired with other home apps such as Alexa. It can track the movement and even roll up on its own if told to do so since it can respond to voice commands over home apps. It will bring the workout to a whole new level.

3. Mini photo printer

Source: PCMag

This little gadget is so cute that it is guaranteed that the receiver will love it. It can be connected to the phone and print out the pictures, which can come in handy and be a very nice addition to the gallery. In addition to this, some manufacturers print the pictures on the sticky surface, so the printed goods may be put on display in your home.

4. VR set

Source: Argos

Virtual reality is just becoming popular and it is slowly taking the market. Many gaming apps are providing VR experience, and it is very unique. If you are seeking a gift for someone who is into gaming, this can be a perfect present.

5. Robot vacuum cleaner

Source: Product Reviews

Many people just hate to do this chore, so why not spoil them with a toy that will improve their life and save them from dreaded vacuuming the house. Technology has improved these little robots, so they are quiet and efficient.

6. Bluetooth headphones

Source: Sandberg

All people love to play music on their commute and the ones that are not bound by cables are becoming more and more popular. They come in different shapes, sizes and different colors. Apple air pods are the ones you can choose for the iPhone users, but the other manufacturers have come up with these kinds of headphones. As an alternative, noise-canceling, Bluetooth headphones can be an interesting choice.

7. Smart toothbrush

Source: Philips

Oral hygiene is very important, and if you have someone who is very diligent in that way, this may be a perfect present for them. This one is tracking the time of the brushing, how strong you are pushing onto the teeth and gives you a warning if you are too strong. It also tracks the position you are brushing so no spot is left unbrushed.

8. Wireless charger

Source: The Verge

Almost all devices are being charged nowadays, from smartphones to watches and bands. This type of charger will support multiple devices and save time by charging a few devices at the same time. Make sure that the one you are getting this has devices that can be charged in the mentioned way.

9. External battery

Source: Amazon.com

Since smartphones are known to have shorter battery life as they age, and it can be inconvenient to keep the charger on you all the time, the external battery is a great option. It is small and compact, but it can pack a lot of energy to charge your phone and allow you to be safe and sound.

10. Smartwatch

Source: AKITA Electronics

Almost all big phone companies have released their own smartwatches with a lot of options. They look like premium watches but are packed with sensors and a lot of options that can be used during a workout. Most of them can track the number of steps, heartbeat and sleeping patterns. Not only that they are packed with a lot of power, but they do look like premium watches and come in different colors.

If you are in need of more ideas and want to compare the products, check out aguideproduct.com.

11. Smart band

Source: nasnia

Many manufacturers are now making smart bands that are tracking the steps, heartbeat and can be used to track the workouts. Smart band has fewer options than a smartwatch, but it can be a very nice addition to the gadget family of the one that you are meaning to give it to.

12. Kindle

Source: CNET.com

For book lovers, this is a perfect gadget. It is mending only for book reading, and indifference to the tablet, it produces the light that does not tire the eyes and makes reading very pleasant.

13. Bluetooth speaker

Source: Best Buy

These kinds of devices can be very useful since you have music in hands with your phone, but when there is a bigger crowd, you might want to spice things up and add a bit of volume to the mixture. A portable speaker is an amazing gadget that will be an excellent gift for someone who loves music.

14. Smart outlet

Source: Smart House Today

We all know someone how is asking him or herself if they have turned off the iron or the stove. With this device, they can easily check and turn off the outlet. There is no better gift than peace of mind.

15. Smart notebook

Source: SlashGear

The smart notebook is a perfect mixture of modern and traditional; made for the ones that love to write and want to keep up with technological advancements.


Source: PCWorld

As mentioned, picking a present can be a hard job, and it can be challenging. Hopefully, we have given you some ideas about what to give and in which direction to think when it comes to technologically advanced gifts for the ones you care about.

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