Obi Octopus S520 Smartphone Review

Operating System and UI:

Good to know that new Octopus S520 is going to operate on Android 4.4.2 kitkat version. Skin of the OS is customized but resembles to other MediaTek processor powered phones. Home screen and app drawer looks weird because of condensed font of UI. Obi has preloaded many essential apps like Movie studio, file manager, software update app and True caller etc.

Battery life:

Obi mobile has done poor job in battery section as this flagship appeared to last for just 5 hours under regular use but if you are using it smartly then it will last for just 6-7 hours which is quite poor ratings for smartphone. Phone is given with eight core processors but to have longer operation of such powerful processor it is not backed with appropriate power supply. All we can say if you are heavy user of smartphone then you will be truly disappointed by the battery performance of the phone.


All we can conclude is that Obi Octopus S520 makes weak impression in design and battery section but collects good points in hardware and performance. Camera section too was little disappointing as we were unable to capture images which should have appeared properly with the camera sensors provided in the phone. Overall we can say that this phone is average but you can find much better options in the same price segment. Motorola Moto G and Xiaomi are the rivals for Obi Octopus S520 and posse’s better specs and features too.

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