Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition Review


Every decade world has experienced a new technology in computing world. Started with main-frame computers to laptop then palmtop, smartphones and still the race of innovation are going on. When first laptop was launched in the market people all over the globe overwhelmed with portable computer concept. Now laptop companies are in same race to create a laptop which has powerful hardware but light in weight. For reducing the weight companies is trying best to carve slimmest laptop ever.

Companies like Apple, Sony, Dell, HP has tried their best to present world with powerful features in slimmest laptop but all these companies were stuck with 13-inch display on their laptops whereas Samsung was only one to present world with 15-inch screen and still with weight approximately same those of rivals.

Samsung has already released its Samsung ATIV Book 9 plus last year with huge screen and light in weight but Samsung is planning to present world with much more efficient device with more power and comparatively more light. Samsung ATIV is known for ultra thin body design with best metal finish body. Let’s check out which are the features improved in this new flagship by Samsung over its last predecessor.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition Review

Design and Packaging:

New Samsung ATIV is well designed with smooth aluminum finish with the help of “Mineral Ash Black” shade which gives the ATIV Book an ultra premium looks. Samsung has to take a step forward to match up its prime rival Apple Macbook Air. Premium looks of the Samsung will certainly drag ones attention. Mineral Ash Black shade of the ATIV Book looks blue in color when exposed under certain lights but dark color of this device catches fingerprints more often.

Lid of the ATIV Book is simple yet very attractive with branding of Samsung in one corner. Inside the lid you will notice the same simplicity with liberal metal surface with very few add-ons. Just a power key button above the keyboard rest the surface is smooth and simple.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition Design

Samsung ATIV Book 9 is light compare to 15-inch laptop with weight of just 3.92 pounds and 0.63 inch thick. If we compare to 15-inch Ultrabooks in the market, Samsung is only one to provide sleek and light laptops. New ATIV Book is featured with full-sized HDMI Output which was absent in its predecessor model but three USB connections with two ports supporting 3.0, lock slot, SD card reader, mini-VGA port and mic/ headphone jack remains same like we found in previous ATIV Book. Apart from this essential hardware ports Samsungs new flagship do have RJ-45 Ethernet port but not with proper full sized socket.


Samsung knows how to comfort their users while using their devices, new ATIV Book is also given with flat keyboards which allows user to enjoy typing efficiently for longer hours without stressing their hands. Keycaps are now little curvy allowing users to rejoice easy typing. Keycaps are now coated with some soft finished material which enables comfortable handling of keyboard.

If compared to the rivals then keyboard falls in lower side as the rivals has much more enhance keyboard for their machines. Trackpad of the new ATIV Book is more spacious allowing full use of it. Two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom are the traditional features of trackpad and will remain same in new ATIV Book too.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition Keyboard


New ATIV Book has many improvement compare to its predecessor like it has bigger display of 15-inch as well as the resolution of the display is now full HD (1920×1080). Though Samsung’s new flagship has more dense resolution but compare to the rivals in the market new ATIV Book falls behind in the race because rivals are up with 2,560 x 1,440 or 3,200 x 1,800 resolutions in their flagship in just 13-inch display.

Apart from this Samsung’s new ATIV Book produces vibrant colors has good brightness level of 300-nit which produces good display output. Display produces good viewing angle so that you can enjoy the display placed at different angle too. If the display features is lacking in this ATIV Book then surely next flagship of Samsung will fill those gaps.

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