Is Mila Kunis Sick Because of the Marriage Issues With Ashton Kutcher?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are a favorite couple for the tabloids as they just love to make up stories about the love birds. The most common gossip is that the couple has marriage issues and that Mila became sick because of the problems.

However, all the stories are invented, and we present to you some of the most popular false stories.

Source: Yahoo

The Star magazine announced that the actress was “wasting away” because of the Demi Moore’s book in which she would describe in detail her marriage with Kutcher. They even added that the Kunis-Kutcher marriage is falling apart. However, the information was not accurate as the beautiful actress denied the whole story.

In July 2019, another story came out. Apparently, one source claimed for the National Enquirer that Mila is rapidly losing weight. They also added that their health expert was worried about the actress’s heart. Once again, the information was not correct as the spokesperson announced so. Besides, the love birds were laughing on Instagram to the information that their marriage was over.

Source: E! Online

When Moore’s book finally came, apparently another drama happened in Kunis’s and Kutcher’s family. Moore wrote that Ashton was cheating on her while they were married. According to tabloids, from that moment, Mila was also scared that the actor was not faithful to her. Again, the story was made up.

It is clear that tabloids have no idea about the marriage of the two actors. After all those rumors, they were seen with kids, and they seemed perfectly happy.

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