Grand Theft Auto: GTA Vice City for Android

GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: GTA Vice City is a game with marvelously designed graphics and comes with cool character models and lighting effects to keep you stuck to the game. The GTA is a adventures combative game with updated features of the weapons with superior targeting and firing options. The GTA is provided with some of the best controls to make the game much more comfortable and enjoyable to play and has campaign to play continuously for long hrs.

You can adjust the graphics of the game as per your need. the game is developed by the rockstart north for PlayStation 2, Windows,Xbox, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and PlayStation 3 (PSN).  The Vice city is much like Miami and it actually revolves around the person named Tommy Vercetti, who is a mafia released from the prison. The Vice city includes both driving and shooting game. The game is incorporated with huge cityscape, vehicles and people to give a real gaming experience.

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