What Happened to Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring?

Kate Middleton and Prince Williams are working from home, as we could see from the pictures that the couple posted on Sunday. However, it’s interesting that Duchess of Cambridge is not wearing her engagement ring on the photos, so the big question is why she took the ring off?

The 38-years-old Duchess is photographed while talking on the phone with Catherine Roche and wearing a Coral pink suit. However, Middleton is not wearing her engagement ring, but only the wedding band. The reason why Kate took off the diamond and sapphire ring is not known for sure.

Source: Instagram

However, according to some experts, the Duchess is only following the rules of the doctors, as some health workers are claiming that all the rings should be removed for the best hand-washing effects.

Apparently, germs can survive under the ring, so recommendations are that during the Coronavirus crisis, rings should not be worn.

If hygiene is the only reason for Middleton not wearing the ring,  maybe on the next capture, she will take off the wedding ring as well.


Nonetheless, the the-mother-of-three gives her contribution to the fight against the Coronavirus.

“Self-isolation and social distancing can pose huge challenges to our mental health — in recent weeks The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been in regular contact with organisations and patronages to understand the issues they are facing during this difficult time,” – says on the Kensington royal official Instagram account.

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