Huawei Honor 3C Review


India is only emerging market in the world for all the smartphone companies, as we can notice that from past few years Indian market has been stormed by various smartphone companies which were not even in the picture. Once Nokia was hot favourite smartphone in India and soon this picture changed and was replaced by Android powered smartphones. When Android was holding pace in global market, many companies emerged with new smartphones. Companies like Micromax, Karbonn, Celkon, Gionee, Huawei, iBall, WikiLeak and many others came in to picture facing each other to head in the race.

Huawei is knocking the market with its latest flagship named Huawei Honor 3C, previous flagship of Huawei was neat and powerful smartphone but every company needs to improvise itself so do Huawei needs to. Honor 3C is packed with ample of features like huge screen, good display properties, powerful hardware specs, camera lens and good battery backup. We are going to review each section in detail to check whether Huawei is successful in its transformed smartphone.

Huawei Honor 3C Review

Design and Packaging:

Honor 3C is basically intended to serve mid-range segment market and is crafted and perfected according to the price tagged to it. Honor 3C is simple and elegant smartphone with humble design features, front or face of the phone has 5-inch display with good bezel space on both the sides of the screen. Back of the phone is plastic which can be stated as understated design scheme from Huawei. Though the back of the phone is not so impressive but it is built with very tough material and is capable of taking enough bruises. Phone is 9.2mm thick weighing 140grams and this is an ideal size and dimension for a smartphone.

Front of Honor 3C comprises with 5-inch 720p display with huge space below and above it. Below space is been occupied with capacitive touch buttons like home, back and option buttons. Above space of display is occupied with set of sensors and front camera with earpiece on the top centre. Back of the phone comprises of front camera and flash on top, camera is protected with the silver lining which avoids scratch on it. Back has kept blank without branding but has loudspeaker grille on the bottom of the back. Sides of any smartphone are busy with many hardware buttons so is found in Honor 3C. Right side of the smartphone is packed with Power button and Volume rocker buttons.

Huawei Honor 3C Design

Both power and volume rocker button is chrome matte finished which looks good but does not add much to enhance the looks of the phone. Upper shelf of the smartphone has audio jack of 3.5mm while base of the smartphone has microUSB port for charging and USB connection. Honor 3C has body of two piece back is given with black plastic body and front is given black plastic body, back of the phone is removable and below it has memory card slot and SIM slot. Overall design section of the phone is not so impressive but does not fall under rating. All we can say is phone has average body design features.

Display / Screen:

Mid-range segment phone is quite obvious to have screen with 720p resolution and Huawei too has same to provide with. Phone has 5-inch display with resolution of 1280x720p with 294 pixel density. As Huawei has introduced HD LTPS display for its smartphone it helps in producing vivid and sharp display. Better the pixel density rich is the color reproduction of the display and Huawei Honor 3C is packed with this feature which produces fine display output.

LTPS means Low Temperature PolySilicon technology which helps display to move electrons in faster rate or in simple terms it is an advanced technology in active LCD matrix display. Brightness of the screen is comparatively very good and which means better sun-legibility too. Display properties of the phone is good in terms of contrast ratio, color reproduction and viewing angles which puts this smartphone in good rating section.

Huawei Honor 3C Display

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