Leona Lewis: Quarantine Glamour

Self-isolation amid Coronavirus pandemic may be hard for those who always have their schedules full. While some are bored, others are deep cleaning their houses and reorganizing their stuff.

Recently, Amanda Holden took over the internet when she mowed her lawn dressed up in her wedding dress. A British singer, Leona Lewis, decided to follow her footsteps and got all glammed up for house cleaning.

Leona put on a bright sparkly gown, with her hair tied up into a messy bun, and vacuum cleaned her carpet while barefoot.

Image source: Instagram

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To emphasize how much free time she has now, while in quarantine, she captioned her photo with “This house has never been so clean,” and added a sparkling star emoji.

Her snaps are so amusing that a fan even put a hilarious comment on her post saying: “Is this the dress you wore in the bleeding love video? Cause if so I hope you’re singing ‘I keep cleaning, I keep keep cleaning up.'”

Image source: Instagram

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