Amanda Holden Mows Her Lawn in a Wedding Dress

Spending your days being locked up in your house can sometimes be utterly boring, but why not spice it up a little bit.

A 49-year-old television presenter, Amanda Holden, came up with a brilliant idea and asked her fans to do the same. Believe it or not, Amanda decided to do a usual activity in an unusual outfit. She got all glammed up for lawn mowing.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge showed off her glamorous wedding dress and a sparkly tiara and combined it with olive green rubber boots. And then captioned the post with: “Nice day for a good mowing! Hope it puts a smile on your face. Why not join me… post a video of an unusual thing you can do in a wedding dress.”

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And that is not all! Amanda’s creativity always goes a step further. Just a few days ago, she posted another bizarre photo, where she is hauling a trash can in a pink gown.

Image source: Instagram

Holden undoubtedly has a very interesting Instagram account, check out some of her posts here:

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