Dwayne Johnson Admits Quarantine Positively Affected His Marriage

Dwayne Johnson, also knowns as “The Rock,” revealed in a recent video that the quarantine had a “very positive effect” on relationships with the household members.

The video was initially made as a Q & A where people asked Dwayne about how he is doing with his wife in self-isolation, and as one asked: “how do I keep this s**t going?”

Image source: Instagram

He started his 8-minute long video with: “A wife had me asked how has the quarantine impacted by marriage in a positive way and from the husband, he said, ‘Rock, I got married around the same time you did last August, how do I keep this s**t going, I need help.'”

“Well, Dr. Johnson is here to help you, since I have a degree in experience certainly not my doctorate,” he joked.

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“I have found that the quarantine has had a very positive effect on my relationship and my marriage, certainly with my relationship with my daughters …. but it’s also had a really positive effect on my relationship with my wife,” the famous actor revealed.

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It may be all-loving and beautiful, but he admits it was hard at first.

“We get snippy with each other, we argue… I gotta be honest with you, you know when this thing first started, I was really wobbly at times. I was trying to get my sh-t together and try to understand it because I was trying to think ten steps ahead, what does the future look like…it’s a lot of pressure,” he confessed.

Image source: Instagram

After a long video and a lengthy caption, he wished everyone well, saying: “Stay healthy, my friends,” and signed the post with “Dr. Rock.”

See the whole video here:


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