5 Reasons to Contact the Professionals for Aerial Repairs in 2024

Digital television is a step further in the evolution of television. Just as cameras are no longer used with negatives but a simple and practical digital camera, so it is time to say goodbye to analogue and switch to digital television. It will allow better use of the radio spectrum, greater signal processing capabilities, easier storage and many other advantages over analogue television. For viewers, this will mean more enjoyment of their favorite medium, as well as some new features such as Internet access and web services

What is the benefit of digital television?

The digital signal delivers crisper, sharper images and higher quality audio thanks to more channel sound transmission. In short, everything that bothers you about analogue television, digital disappears: interference, multiple images, noise …

Source: SSI-Monaco

Do I need an antenna to watch digital TV?

For reliable digital broadcast reception, you generally need an existing antenna that currently provides you with good quality reception of analog UHF television signals in your home.

So yes, you can enjoy digital TV with an antenna, but before you settle on anything you have to consider your location. Are you by the coast in Essex or among the buildings in Birmingham? Urban areas can get reception for aerials. But rural and non-plain regions tend to get weaker signals. For places like Essex, some homes might fare better with satellite dishes instead of aerials.

What should I do if a malfunction occurs?

Definitely need to call a pro! Call the experts for aerial repairs. Very often, these are companies, like TitusAlarm&CCTV , that install satellite dishes, aerials, CCTV, alarms and many other things related to that. Even if you know the problem, let the experts handle it. We tell you why for a number of reasons.

You may just not be informed enough. Doing so risks exposing yourself to unnecessary costs and wanderings that you do not need. Finally, digitization itself is constant in the experimental application, so there will be anticipated problems and questions. Companies you use and how they can help you and answer all your questions.

Here are some common issues you may need to contact a professional:

1. The picture breaks into squares, freezes

If you often see “squares” on the screen or the picture simply freezes, the only solution is to call technical service. Leave it to them to determine the causes, as it is almost impossible to do without the proper knowledge. And even if you have the knowledge, it is unlikely that you have all the necessary repair equipment.

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2. Errors during scanning

What we all usually do first when we buy a new TV is to turn on automatic channel scanning. But this can often cause certain channels to miss out. Therefore, it is also necessary to do a manual channel search.

If you do not solve the problem in this way, then it is probably a problem of another nature. It’s a signal coming from the transmitter tower. A chip tuner or demodulator often causes problems with signal transmission. Repairing this is complicated, so you will need professional help.

3. The TV receives no signal at all

The simplest problems this can cause are that you have incorrectly connected the cables or that you have selected the wrong mode. First, make sure you have selected HDMI or what port you already need. If that is the case, you will find it easy.

Another thing that may be a problem is maybe the operator. If your service provider is in the midst of a system repair or system upgrade process, you may be temporarily out of signal. You can only wait for it to be over. You can check the length of the repair by calling the call center of the company.

If neither of these is the cause of your problem, then there is a malfunction that you will not be able to solve on your own.

Source: Make Tech Easier

4. It’s all on, but it says “No Signal” on TV

If this happens, the antenna is most likely switched off or the amplifier is not turned on. Make sure the antenna is connected, may be off.

It has become standard today that high-level TV and internet signal are everywhere. For example, SpaceX is working to make the Internet accessible everywhere. But that did not stop us from having a common problem, all of us who have a TV – that there is no signal. The reasons may be diverse for this problem. You will probably need to consult with an expert and let him or her discover the problem. The most likely causes are equipment problems, external factors, cable connection errors, satellite dish or aerial malfunctions, etc.

5. Weather conditions

Many products used in television distribution systems are exposed to severe weather. For this reason, these products have to have an extended life span of several decades, as installation is only done once and users do not have to worry about maintenance over the years.

Weather conditions depend on the geographical location where the product is installed. In some places we may encounter extreme temperatures or humidity, so it is necessary for any metal part to have adequate reinforcement and protection and be durable, whether in South Africa or Sweden.

After heavy wind, rain or snowfall, the antenna can change position, bend, break, and a heavy object can fall on it. If you have an individual antenna, you must check the cable drop.

When the position changes, the channels start showing poorly. The antenna must be oriented in a particular direction with great accuracy. To place the antenna as a rule, one person has to move it and the other to monitor the signal level. Where will you find a better and more professional partner than employees in the sector? So, you know who to turn to for help.

Source: Long Range Signal


We hope you don’t have big problems, and again, if you have, you can always rely on professionals and their expertise and help. When it comes to help, you have a great selection of offers. Aside from the fact that the solution to your problem may lie in the manual that comes with the service, you can also seek support online – by customizing the language and entering your model number. You will also be able to find a company phone number as well as answers to common questions. In most countries, you can chat with one of the agents and ask questions directly or via email, and more.

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