5 Home Office Design Ideas for Graphic Designers in 2024

Well, we live in the world of Internet technology where everything is possible. People can now purchase different items without even getting out of their room. Despite that, they can chat and talk with people from different part of the globe with only a couple of clicks. The even better benefit is that they can do that for free with a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Yet, something that has changed a lot is the way how businesses function. We can all agree that the Internet brought a huge number of opportunities that can boost the effectiveness of businesses. They can use different software solutions to complete various types of tasks.

Despite that, everyone who has the talent for a certain industry can find job easier. One of the professions that is becoming more and more popular is a graphic designer. However, many people think that money is the only reason why people decide on this profession. Indeed, graphic designers can earn a lot on a monthly basis. Yet, the more important thing is that they can work from home.

Many young people decide on freelancing in today’s world. They chase clients on different freelance platforms such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc. This allows them flexibility. They can work from home whenever they want. Despite that, graphic designers that have a full-time job also try to earn some extra cash thanks to this opportunity.

Still, every graphic designer knows how inspiration is important for their work. What would happen if your brain suddenly blocks? You won’t be creative enough to design some attractive logos, banners and other stuff. There are many ways how you can get inspiration. However, one of the most effective ways is to design your office in the right way.

Well, in this article, we would want to share some home office ideas for graphic designers. Keep in mind that you are not an interior designer. Don’t be shy if you are looking for help. We have noticed that many graphic designers do that. That’s why we had to say this.

1. Don’t Fulfill Your Space with a Lot of Items 

Source: Healthy, Savvy & Wise

This is the first thing that you need to ensure. We do not know how big your home office is. Yet, it would be smart if it can be a bit bigger than other rooms. Graphic designers are creative people that need freedom. If there are many items around you, you will somehow feel under pressure. Under these conditions, you would not have the chance to show your full potential.

In other words, you need to ensure comfort.

2. Ensure Proper Lighting

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Okay, we know that many people put their home office in their basement. This might not be bad, but we believe that natural light has its benefits. However, if you want to use those benefits, you need to ensure a proper schedule of your stuff.

First of all, the best possible thing would be that your home office is turned on the north side. In this way, the sun light won’t distract you from work. Anyway, we recommend that you position your equipment and desk near the window. This can especially be good during the spring and summer months. People that work from home spend a lot of time inside the home. In this way, you will feel like you are outside.

Yet, if the nature lightning is not something you can ensure, you need to use alternative solutions. You will have to put some lights that will light the entire basement. Our recommendation is to use hang lights. They have the power to light the entire room. Yet, we recommend they do not be too bright. For some reason, many designers pick purple lighting. It is not too bright, but it is not too dark as well. Dark colors can inspire you to sleep which is not something you would not want to happen.

3. Get a Huge Desk

Source: The Architect’s Guide

This is one of the reasons why we told you it would be better to have a bigger home office. You will need to add big desk to it. Keep in mind that you are not working only on one computer. Every professional designer has at least 2 monitors that ensure them more quality work. Because of that, we recommend you measure which size would be big enough to put all the equipment on it.

Our recommendation is to use U-Shaped desks. On each side you can put one monitor.

4. Don’t Focus on One Color 

Source: CNBC.com

Okay, lighting is something that we already explained. Pick the color that will inspire you the most. Yet, the items that you will add to your home office should not be all colored in one color. Imagine that everything from furniture to chair is colored in black.

As we said, every graphic designer hates monotony. Because of that, it would be good to use 2 or three colors. Yet, this means that you need to pick the right color for the design combination. For instance, mixing black and yellow is something that would be awful. On the contrary, mixing black, white and grey can be a perfect match. Your office will look more professional.

If you want to get out of the box, then you should mix colors like purple, blue and dark green. This might look more childish, but it will be a perfect interior for graphic designers.

5. Pick the Comfortable Chair

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You will spend a lot of time in your home office. More precisely, if you have a full-time remote job, that means you will have to spend around 8 hours there. Well, back pain is something that you would want to avoid. Despite that, if you are not feeling comfortable, you will get nervous while work. Once again, under these conditions, it is hard to produce attractive promotional materials.

We recommend you match the color of the chair and desk. We don’t recommend you get the black ones because that might be monotonous for designers. The blue color would be a better choice. It will make your working environment a bit lighter.


We gave you some ideas that will make your home office more suitable for work. However, you do not have to listen to us completely. We all have different tastes and you can adapt the design to your own style.

Purchase the items that are necessary, but don’t forget to ensure enough space. Websites like soureview.com are a perfect choice to see which concrete items are the best for your home office. We recommend you check their website and research the items you plan to purchase.

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