Why Sharing Your Google Contacts Is Absolutely Necessary

If you are the owner of an organization than you should know that knowledge and information are the most significant aspect that you should work on. Because this is the age of technology and for your employees to work the most effectively, they should have access to the most recent and the most up to date knowledge and information you can get your hands on. Continuing from that, the main knowledge and information that your team needs to perform effectively are the contacts that your organization has gathered. Contacts play a vital role in any organization that deals with constant customer communication, and if the proper contacts are not provided on time, your employee’s work can seriously be affected by it.

Today we are going to be discussing why contact sharing is necessary and how you can share your contacts easily.

Share via an Application

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Getsharedcontacts.com is one of the best ways to share Gmail contacts in the market and it provides all the features that you need in a contact sharing application.

Using a Gmail contact sharing application is perhaps the most efficient way of sharing contacts with your teammates. These apps not only transfer Gmail contacts instantly, but these Gmail shared contacts are automatically shared with each team member as soon as it is updated from one end. The usage of these applications is quite easy and almost every person with only basic knowledge of the computer system will be able to operate it without any issues. Using these apps can be done in only three steps which are as follows.

  • Step 1: the first and the most important procedure in sharing your contacts with your teammates starts with organizing the contacts using labels. These apps share contacts via labels and if you want to share your contacts, they should be in a label before proceeding to the next step, the good thing is that you can make as many labels as you like an share those labels relatively easily.
  • Step 2: once you have made the labels the next step is to choose the recipient of the contacts. Once the recipient is selected, select the level of permission that you are prepared to give to the recipient, the permissions range from read-only to full read/write permissions, all you have to do is select the option.
  • Step 3: the third step is pressing the send button and the recipient will receive the contacts with the level of permissions that you have selected.

Sharing Contact Saves Time

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If you are an employer, you wouldn’t like your employees wasting their time while they are on the clock, the same goes for the employees who need to waste their time because they don’t have the appropriate contact for the prompt and timely response. Also if your employees have to manually add each customer in their emails to send a broadcast message then that is also a lot of time wasted.

If your employees can share the company’s contacts instantly than many of the processes that take up the whole day will only take a few hours to complete. Another thing that you have to take into account is that your employees are not the only one that can benefit from easy and faster contact sharing, your customers and your contacts will also benefit from contact sharing as there will be a faster and easier transaction between the customer and the employee.

Once you have shared your contacts wisely, you will also get to know that your sales and customer support teams will also work together to generate more revenue and create new customers by working together and resolving customer issues and quires much more quickly and efficiently.

Contact Sharing Enables Smooth Communication

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There have been many times that a client requires contact with several team members over a single project. This encounter becomes quite tedious if there is not a standard platform on which the contacts lie. The best thing that a team of customer support, sales, and technical support can get to improve their workflow is a platform on which the list and contacts of their customers are stored and accessible to every person of that team.

Having constant access to all customer’s contacts means that the team will also be able to redirect their calls or messages to the team members that are more equipped to handle the queries the client has brought. Improving response time.

All that being said, how a person does share their Gmail contacts with their team members, today we are going to be sharing with you the best options that are available.

Share via CSV

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The second method of sharing Gmail contacts is by using a CSV file. CSV is a file type that is used by various documents for data transfer. If you want to share your contacts using the CSV method this is the steps that you need to perform for that process.

  • Step 1: log in to the google contacts website. On the options tab, you will find the export option, click on it, and download the CSV file of your contacts.
  • Step 2: send the CSV file to the desired recipient.
  • Step 3: the recipient now has to log into their google contacts website and click on the import option. After clicking, select the CSV file and import the contacts in your Google contacts account.

This process is fairly straight forward and free to use for people that have a Gmail account. But there are considerable drawbacks to using this method. For once, this is a one-time thing, once you have imported the contacts they cannot be deleted, you have to manually delete them if you want to, another thing that you should consider is that these contacts do not update automatically and you have to remake a new CSV for each new contact you need to share.

Closing Thoughts

Contacts have become extremely important in today’s industries and it has become even more important to share those contacts with your teammates for improved working efficiency. Thus using contact sharing applications has become vital for organizations to compete in the industry.

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