9 Healthy Food Trends of 2024

Food is the basis of life. It is the most necessary thing that we need to live. Food is very much required to maintain a healthy body and life as well. But eating anything will not work to keep our body and mind fit and healthy. For this purpose, you need to have proper food with balanced nutrients that will equally serve all your purposes to stay healthy.

Eventually, the concept of food was to eat as much as you can. But in the new age, several types of research have shown that only the amount of food doesn’t serve the purpose to make you healthy but you need to have proper food for this where all the ingredients of food will be in equilibrium. That will serve the required amounts of every nutrient of your body. So the current trends of food are changing drastically. Due to the change in lifestyle, we need to change the food habit also. Thus we have to shift from the traditional foods to newly invented ones.

1. Add Sweet Before Potato

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Many people are forbidden to consume potato as it is a rich source of carbohydrate and doesn’t have that much fiber in it. But the new age researches have shown that sweet potato contains a hell lot of fibers that help you to keep your body healthy. The fibers are useful to lose weight and prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the blood pipes in the body. This tuber is way far nutritious and is a good material to replace the potato snacks.

2. Replace Grains

Source: Health Essentials – Cleveland Clinic

Grains are a rich source of carbohydrates that generates calories while oxygenated. Modern food trends are on the side to replace grains with some vegetable alternatives. Now you can get Mac and pasta made of chickpeas which are very healthy for cardiac health. The absence of grains stops the generation of calories from the pasta. On the contrary, chickpeas are a good source of protein. In addition to this, the cheese-less sauce for the pasta also helps to control your calorie count.

3. The Age of Vegetable Protein

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The plant-based source of protein is so popular now that they are called as plant-based fish. Seafood is said to be the best source of protein and necessary fatty acids. But plant-based alternatives are also very much in the queue. Tuna is the new seafood that is prepared by soy protein and seaweeds. This can also compete with the number of nutrients that the TUNA has. It is rich in DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids and is a very good source of protein due to the presence of soy protein. Different companies are producing a good alternative for seafood by blending legumes and algal oil. The necessities of the body will be fulfilled with these alternatives without much impact on the natural environment and harming the real living fishes.

4. Plant-Based Yogurt

Source: Plant Based News

To maintain a healthy life, yogurt is very useful. It helps to increase the digestion power of the body by enhancing the number of probiotic bacteria in the intestine. Being rich in lactic acid, this food is very useful to melt the fat cells of the body to lose weight with your healthy meals. Yogurt is mainly made of cow milk but in the modern age, you can get plant-based yogurts also in the market. There are several things from which you can extract milk like soya, oats, coconut, hemp, almond, flaxseeds, and so on. These ingredients are fat-free and are full of nutrients. Companies such as mealkitsdelivery.ca preparing these products are adding new flavors so that customers like them. Several companies have launched the most popular yogurt in the replacement of yogurt.

5. Plant-Based Ice-Creams are Very Popular

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We all know that ice-cream is a very rich source of calories. Though it is rich in milk as well as other nutrients, still the calorie count of this product nullifies the other benefits. This is why the companies are looking for newer alternatives to the main ingredient of it which is milk. Like the yogurts also, there is oat milk ice cream with the most beloved flavors Caramel Cookie, Dough Chunk and Mocha Latte are also available in the market.

6. Snacks for Sleep

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Sound sleep is very important to maintain good health. But it is a harsh reality that many people have to deal with less sleep due to their heavy professional pressure. Taking this opportunity many products related to sleep are approaching the market at rocket speed. But what if you get some snacks that are useful for your sleep? Recent researches in the world of food technology are making snacks from those products that are useful for sound sleep. The caffeine-free Pukka latte containing herbs Such as lavender and chamomile containing sedatives are very popular in the market right now. The Ayurveda related herbs like ashwagandha, lavender, etc are a good enhancer of sleep quality.

7. Chocolates are Good for Health

Source: Medical News Today

Many of us believe that chocolates are not good for health but the truth is actually the opposite. A good quality dark chocolate is with melatonin enriched dried cherries that will enhance your sleep. Other than that, lavender powder and turmeric are having anti-inflammatory properties. Not everyone loves chocolate, so this is a nice treat for those that fit into this group.

8. Blend of Meat and Veggies

Source: The Spruce Eats

Many people in the world are choosing to be vegans but the source of protein is very limited for them. On the other hand, the carnivorous people are getting much concerned with the ways of production of meat. This is why in 2024; scientists are looking for a blend of meat and veggies to improve the quality of food.

9. Plant-Based Butter

Source: LifeSavvy

All the dairy products are made of milk that is actually an animal extraction. The ghee and butter contain a higher amount of cholesterols in them. The plant-based fat products are less prone to have cholesterols and thus their consumptions are free from the risk of high cholesterol intake. Peanut butter, vegan butter, and organic oils made of plants are very good alternatives for animal products.

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