7 Best Educational Apps to Make This Summer More Productive

Summers are a time to have fun. It’s real peace to know that summer breaks are here and you can take out time for the activities that you thought you could not manage in the university times. Be it pursuing a hobby or doing a job, summers are free time to do all the things. But being honest, summer breaks are almost spent in laziness or browsing through the phone or laptop. We really can’t categorize what binge-watching should be called in summer times.

But anyway, we thought that summer breaks are a time to be productive. If proper use of the summer breaks is being made you can learn a lot and you will be proud of yourself. Spend your time by doing some assignments or even writing some essays. Happily, there are plenty of online websites such as bestessayhelp.com, if you get stuck or need help. So spend your summer working on yourself, be productive, do not just rest and watch movies.

We have listed a few apps that will help you be productive in summers. So, phone browsing won’t be counted as laziness or ‘not being productive’ if you are using one of these apps.

1. Math Ninja

Source: play.google.com

This is a game and an educational app to enhance your math skills. It has amazing levels and user interface to keep you glued. You will want your brain to run faster and solve all the problems. You have to defend your things, properties in the game from getting devastated, by solving math problems quickly. This not only enhances your math skills but also makes your brain sharper and stronger.

So, download this app to brush up your math skills and at the same time have fun while playing the game.

2. Duolingo

Source: play.google.com

This app lets you learn a new language!  The UI of this app is very interactive and colorful. It does not bore you by teaching the basics and grammar like a professional course. But it makes the learning so lively that you learn the basics seamlessly. It also has the provision of playing games while learning the language.

Like we said earlier this app goes every inch to make the new language learning a fun process. It has many languages such as French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. We have even heard that it is updating its server and adding more languages to its database regularly.

3. TED

Source: play.google.com

Everyone knows how famous ted talks are. They are intellectual and the listener gains a lot from them. Ted talks are delivered by renowned and bright education leaders, musicians, artists, scientists, techies, etc. In fact, it has a talk hosted by the people who have achieved excellence in their lives irrespective of the fields.

You can download this app for free and listen to the inspirational talks. This will give you insights into the particular fields and make you prepared for the future. You can create your own playlist of your favorite talks and share it and enjoy it anytime.

4. Cell and Cell Structure

Source: Pinterest

This app is not free but is a must app for science enthusiasts. As the name suggests, it teaches you all about cells and their evolution, single cells, multiple cells, complex cells, complicated cells and everything. The teaching of the app is very interactive and fun. It is not boring as science sounds to some people.

It uses flashcards, quizzes, and amazing graphics to explain the concept of cells in an interesting way. The app stores have listed this app as one of their favorites.

5. Stop, Breathe, & Think

Source: play.google.com

As the name suggests this is a meditation app. Meditating is one habit that if you inculcate you will benefit overall. It’s good exercise for the body, mind, and soul. Your summers will be super sorted and you will grow spiritually. When you meditate, the mind does not wander onto the negative things and you can concentrate on the things that you need to.

This app customizes your mediation according to your mood. You have to answer a couple of questions for it to analyze your mood, then it processes them and gives a combination and time of meditative exercises for you.

6. WWF Together

Source: apps.apple.com

If you are an animal lover, this is definitely the best app for you. This is a great app to learn about wildlife. This is basically WWF installed in your tab. It gives you all the major information about climate change, endangered species, wildlife peculiarities and newly discovered wildlife. Everything about the wildlife is covered in this app. It’s really interactive and playful. You get to know a lot about the environment and what you do to make it better.

This app will let you spend your summer doing something for the environment as it gives little suggestions on how small things lead to big changes.

7. Elevate

Source: apps.apple.com

This is an all-rounder brain training app. It does not focus on one subject but on the overall development of the brain. It gives activities and puzzles from different fields to be practiced. As the level goes higher the activities get tougher. This app makes sure that all the aspects of your brain work actively.

There are new challenges daily to keep you engaged. Thus, your phone time turns into a really creative and ‘brain-sharpening’ time. Your math and comprehension skills will really be polished by the time you join college again.

The maximum use you make of your summertime the happier you will rejoin college. The small efforts that you put into learning something new or just doing some healthy tasks will make your semester more joyful. Plus, you will not regret that you spent your summers doing nothing. Even a small change or new course will make you feel happy.

Don’t let your body get lazy and the brain get tired by doing nothing or just browsing social media. Make complete use of the holiday and do something different. Yes, but do not forget to enjoy your holidays before you return back to college to the same routine. Holidays are meant to be spent leisurely but don’t turn leisure into laziness. Learn something new at your own convenience and for yourself, and make your life productive by leveraging them.

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