7 Hat Styles for Gentlemen

Hats never go out of style, for centuries this accessory has been used by all people around the world, each place has a particular hat made of different material, shape, and style. The hats have been the protagonists in different important episodes of history, they have been used in important ceremonies within royalty, they have been present in political decisions, also when it comes to rest from the noisy city, many have chosen to go unnoticed with the help of a hat.

Hats are that type of timeless accessory that will never cease to be present, men have always found in their use the style and elegance when it comes to being in a certain place. Denoting security and composure, this insurance accessory will mark your presence and attract attention favorably for you. The hat styles are varied, currently, there are styles that you can wear and match any of your wardrobe types, a personal brand that you must take on and incorporate into your daily life to look amazing. Know the types of hat suitable for you:

1. Beret

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It is included in the group of caps, it is a flat hat without wings that protects the scalp, it dates back hundreds of years of use, popular on the Iberian Peninsula among Galician’s and part of Scottish culture in England, this accessory is currently used like a street style trend. Its use is simple, you can use it to protect yourself from the sun or rain and look chic. There are different types of berets among them, the Irish cap, traditionally made from sheep’s wool, is rounder and less long; The Hatteras cap is an American cap with an apparent visor that gives you more protection from the sun’s rays; and the English cap that is characterized by being somewhat narrow and very flat on top. These options you can try and look great.

2. Bowler hat

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If you want to look like a whole gentleman, wasting elegance and seriousness, this classic hat is for you, it is characterized by being a hat with a rounded top, short wings and a rigid texture, normally made of felt and preferably its use is in the colors Blacks, this hat that became famous for being part of the characteristic style of Charles Chaplin with his character “Charlot the Tramp”. Nowadays it is considered as the hat of the English gentlemen, it will provide you with the security that a gentleman must wear wherever you go, have it as an accessory for your sober and elegant styles, very classic and original to use today.

3. Porkpie

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If you are looking for a more relaxed and simple hat, but it does not stop being elegant, we show you this hat with the following characteristics, it has a completely flat cup, with flat wings and slightly curved upwards, the material from which it is made is usually Being felt, widely used in the Anglo-Saxon world, this hat that became relevant in the 1940s, perfect to wear now with a buttoned leather jacket and black matching shoes. You will look very classic and easy to wear both in winter and summer.

4. Classic Fedora

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It is one of the most famous and well-known hat styles worldwide, they come in many colors and materials, various types of fedora are known, but the classic is the hat made of felt with medium wings, a hat that was part of the fashion of the knights in the beginning of the 20th century and gaining fame thanks to the gangsters of the time, then brought to the Hollywood screen personifying these people always accompanied by a classic fedora. A fashion that is currently part of the street style trend of preference for wearing it in the winter, it will look mysteriously elegant and with great confidence in yourself, dare to wear this masculine classic look.

5. Panama hats

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This very famous and well-known hat, the finest hats originate from Montecristi a city in Ecuador, where craftsmen for centuries have woven with straw these hats that are armed with interwoven micro-fibers that shape from the crown to the wings, giving rise to This hat, which is not only a simple accessory but is part of an ancient culture, which is usually decorated by surrounding it with a ribbon that can have various shades, but black is the most used. It is a very favorable hat for street style, but at the same time, you can wear it on the beach or for sightseeing anywhere in the world. It is very attractive because apart from being a light and comfortable that you can look very elegant and sober due to its versatility in design and color. For more information on Panama hats visit >> EcuadorianHands

6. The turban

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If you want something exotic and very prominent this style is for you, someone who is daring and likes to play with styles, risky and very original, the turban originated in the Asian continent is a garment of its own in Arab culture, where men protected your head from the sun rays typical of this climate. Today men have taken this very manly and stylish style, although at some point people wearing the turban have been stigmatized, today it is quite a fashion to wear in warm places.

7. Cowboy

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A hat for those who are passionate about country or denim fashion, it is an ideal hat that has more than 150 years of use, although it was originally made with rabbit fur, currently, there are other types of materials with which they are made that they do not touch any animal, they are made from plastic, straw or rigid felt the hat has the characteristics of having a cleft in the glass and wide wings that protect you from the sun and rain, it is practical to use on the beach or a hike in the mountains, ideal for days outdoors. A country style for your comfort and freshness, this summer take advantage and take it with you.

The hat styles are so varied and special, there is a hat of each type for each style of costume and personality, it’s just that you find yours and wear it with great confidence, dare to know the different hats and feel very original.

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