How to Improve your Skills at COD

More than 100 million people are playing COD all over the world and Modern Warfare has become one of the most played games in history. Players say that this is a fantastic game that combines great graphics, interesting story and will always keep you on your toes. If you are a player, or if you want to start playing Call of Duty, then you probably know that you need some good skills.

In this article, we are going to help you learn how to improve those skills and how to level up faster. By knowing these things, you will earn a lot of points with ease, and you will become better than your enemies.

Master the controls

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The first thing you want to do if you want to improve your overall skills is to master the controls. If you don’t have a lot of experience in playing this specific game, then you should get acquainted with what all the buttons do, how you can move with ease, how to jump, duck, and so on.

No matter how good you are, if you are not able to react fast and make the right moves, you may get killed, or you may miss the chance to get another player off the board.

Spend at least a few days practicing and give yourself enough time to master the controls and improve your reaction time. Once you do this, you can focus on the rest.

Learn the right tactic

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Each player has a different tactic and a different way of playing the game. Just because you don’t do one thing, it does not mean that you are a worse player. When you start playing COD, you may need some time to adjust, so don’t rush and take your time to find your own style.

You should have different tactics and see which one works for you. You may try stealth mode and learn how to move around without other players noticing you. You can even try to get behind or around your enemy and make your move before they have time to react.

Another thing you may try is to sit in one place and just observe how others are moving. That way you can get an idea of where most people go and create a plan for when you want to attack.

There are thousands of different things you can do, so it is up to you to find the right tactic for you. Don’t get discouraged if you get killed, or if you don’t succeed the first time around. You are going to get better and you can become a pro player.


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As you probably already know, there are so many different weapons available for the players. Depending on your level, you can get better things to fight with, that are more precise and that can help you out with the outcome.

Every time you level up and every time you get a new weapon you should test it out and see how you like it. You are going to need some time until you find the right one for you, and you should not settle for the newest model if it doesn’t seem right. However, you should not dismiss something just because you still don’t know how to use it.

When you find something you like, or if you cannot find the best weapon for you, has some boosters for you to help you become more skillful.  You should use these weapons to express your creative side and you should customize it any way you want. So, choose the style you want and see how that works for you.


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If you want to be the best at your game, you need to learn your maps. There are dozens of maps available in every Call of Duty game, so no matter if you want to play the newest version, or if you are a fan of the classic ones, you need to spend some time remembering them.

The reason you might want to do this is because that way you will know where you can hide, and what places are best for attacking.

Depending on the weapon you are using, you may want to find a higher ground so you can use the sniper, or you might want to find the best places for one on one battles.

Watch what other players do

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We learn by watching what others are doing. No matter how much time you spend looking at the guide or reading what you need to do or avoid, you will never improve your skills just by doing your homework.

Spend some time and watch others, and you may even want to find some YouTube videos from the professional players, and watch their movements. See which weapons they are using, learn when it is time to crunch and when you should rush from one place to another.

The new players usually choose to be campers and the experienced ones like to explore and kill as many opponents as possible. If you don’t know what campers are – they are the players who like to sit in one place and wait for the opponents to show up so they can easily kill them.

There are positive and negative things to both – on one hand, you will be able to make more kills, but on the other, you might get bored. Plus, just by camping, you won’t gain a lot of new skills.


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One thing that experts say is that intel is power. By listening to what other players are saying, you can learn valuable things. This is for both in-game, and out of it. When you are not playing COD, you should spend some time checking the forums and the groups for this game.

In these places, you can find valuable information about tactics, movements, maps, and so on. This is going to be a huge help for your COD IQ that can make the difference between winning the game and scoring a lot of points, or losing and getting killed.

These are some of the most important things that can help you out with your skills. Invest in good equipment, start by playing with your friends, and give yourself time to learn how everything works.

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