Best Camera Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets 2014

Android phone has brought ample of great Smartphone models that are rich in camera quality. But you might not be satisfied with the quality. That is because your usage is limited to stock camera app. In branded Smartphone like Samsung, Sony, you get a more features in the camera app. You can enhance the quality, you can add filters, and do lot more. But in regular phone which have a UI most based on the stock android rom, have limited things. Today I am going to give you information about the best camera app that you can use in your phone. And this app will give you amazing photo and video quality with lots of settings.

I am quite sure you will ditch your existing app if you find the features of below new stuff. Some phone Like Gionee Elife series has a better camera, but the stock camera app keeps the things limited. Your images would be more blurry or dark. Third party camera apps not only give you settings to enhance the image and video quality but also allow you to do instant editing. That is not possible in the stock camera app.  And also it is not in everyone budget to buy a very high end Smartphone. Most of stick with a mid range phone that has a camera from 5MP to 8MP.

There are very few brands which work on the camera technology. Like HTC. They give you a very different and unique camera where you don’t really need any app to make your images good. But in other phone this things are missing. So I am quite sure that some of my apps are going to help you to get a clear view of your pictures.

Camera Zoom FX:

Camera ZOOM FX

You might have heard about this app. This one is quite popular and it is one of the best camera app I had seen. It is can give you a lot of features and amazing picture quality. It is completely loaded with many things and above all the app is free for use. You don’t have to pay any penny for using the app. After having this, this app can be the best kind of replacement for your existing camera app. When you take photos from this app you can notice a lot of difference in the actual image and in this. You can add many effects on the photos also.

If you want to expand the usage you can download a lot of filters from Google Play which are also available for free. The app can allow you to take a lot of creative photos that is not possible in any other app. You can take photos like pro in this. It has plenty of shooting features that can allow you to take stable photos and make instant photo collages. The thing that this app is not having something nice is the interface. You might sometime find it a bit confusing to use but I am quite sure that you will enjoy the output. There is a paid version of app that offer a full unlock of almost all filters and modes.

Camera FV-5:

Camera FV-5

If you had used a DSLR before then you can checkout Camera FV-5. IT is not like the above app it is different and it does not bring you filters and other mode type of stuff. This app brings the professional features of a DSLR on your mobile phone. It gives a very outdated interface but it is effective to use. It gives you a lot of settings like you can adjust the iso level; you can manage the balance and exposure of your picture. You also get to use to compensation and metering value. It is a great app that offers you to take great photos in various conditions.

You can go deeper in the settings to find out more and get a better picture. It is ideal for those who love to take shots manually. That means those who do not really on the auto settings. The app offers you a great control over the shutter speed which is not easy to manage in any other app. So if you are a photographer then going for this app will be worth for you.  This app is best if you are trying to take nearby shots. It will help you to take clear and crisp images without facing much problem. I am quite sure that this app will be one of the best for pros. To test you can try out a free version of the same.

HDR Camera:

HDR Camera

As the name says HDR Camera is best for taking HDR images. You can take a high quality images through this. The app is dedicated to HDR mode only. It allows you to take great photos with high dynamic range. The app brings very easy to access settings. You can choose the various exposures here and then merge the same as per your need. You get a very high detailed picture on the same. Even the dark areas are very clear and viewable.

This app does not offer you any other stuff. It is mostly related in getting HDR pictures which are clear and amazing. The app provides you a full control over the local contrast. You can simply select the intensity as per your need and then click photos. That means with taking HDR picture you can also simply manage to configure the quality and take a lot more better pictures. If you are not very serious about configuring the hdr settings you can just rely on the default mode. The app has a good interface and also looks nice to se. It is usually a paid app but you can still go with the free version.

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