6 Various Household Uses for Rubber Stoppers

Most things in our home have one purpose, of course, there are exceptions, but it is usually then indicated on the product that all uses that product has. On the other hand, each of us has used one thing at least once in several different situations, so we used the packaging of worn-out products such as various jars to store spices and the like.

Also, a lot of things we buy contain small items that go with them, and we usually put them aside and so put away they wait to be used, but in the end, in most cases, we forget them and thus make a mess in the household.

Let’s not do that anymore, but deploy them right away and find some other purpose for them instead of putting them off until further notice. An example of such an item is rubber stoppers.

Source: Findel International

Benefits of rubber

The physical and mechanical properties of the rubber are exceptional.

Thanks to their excellent overall performance and good technical and economic effects, rubber products are widely used. One of the most widely used rubber products is a plug. Rubber stoppers can be used for table and chair legs that are round, but they are also applicable for other purposes. They can also be used to close the cavities of various other pipes, depending on the outer diameter of the pipe. There are different dimensions and shapes, depending on your needs. According to the EtolRubber, due to its excellent physical properties, rubber plugs are used in automobiles, machinery, electronics industries also.

As we’ve said before, most of us lose or throw away plugs because we don’t think we’ll ever need them. Fortunately, we are here to encourage you with ingenious and creative ideas. These ingenious ideas with plugs will surprise you and encourage you to even collect them, and even ask others to collect them for you.

We invite you to take a moment and take a look below at what can become your next do-it-yourself project to use rubber stoppers for your household.

1. Make a quiet door

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You can always use them for their original use, but if you want to improvise, we have one fantastic idea for you. Take advantage of this part by applying it to some other places in your home that need it. We have an example with a door – when you close the door, you get too loud a sound and it annoys you every day?

A lot of people have a problem with doors like this, and it often happens because there is a loud banging on the walls. You can use rubber stoppers by gluing them to those points on the door that are crucial so that they no longer produce that irritating sound.

In this way, you will soften the impact of the door against the wall and thus eliminate unpleasant sounds. In addition, this way, you will preserve the appearance of the doors and walls – say goodbye to the dents as a result of constant collisions.

2. Rubber stoppers as corner guards

Source: Bunnings Warehouse

If there are little ones living in your home who are constantly running around playing and ruining everything in front of them, then we have something for you. You are certainly not comfortable watching your kids and fearing for their safety. You no longer have to be afraid of the edges that are safe in your home and follow every step of the child so as not to get hurt.

You can always take guards for the corners of tables and similar things, but why buy if you have rubber stoppers at home that can do a completely identical job. Do not leave the situation to chance and protect your child from danger. If the dimensions of the plugs are not compatible with the edges, you can simply glue them and thus get rid of dangerous edges.

3. Anti-slip

Source: Shopee

Surely a thousand times so far, some furniture has moved or slipped. In addition to the fact that something like this can be dangerous for you, it can be even more dangerous if you have children. That is why, for your own safety and the safety of all the occupants, you need something that will keep your furniture in place without damaging the floor. The right solution for that are the rubber stoppers.

It’s very simple. All you have to do is place corks on the legs of tables or some other furniture that you want to make stable.

4. Rubber stoppers for decoration

Source: Best Buy in Singapore

They can be an extremely useful material when it comes to art. A very interesting way to complete your decoration set. Their application in this area is really endless. There are so many creative ways you can use this item.

Just don’t limit your imagination and ideas will come to you on their own. For example, rubber stoppers are a great thing if you are making jewelry and so they can serve as a holder for that. These safe and simple little helpers will save space and replace metal brackets.

5. Needle pads

Source: Sewing Parts Online

Another creative way you can use them. Given how soft they are, you can easily stab your needles and keep them in one place without the possibility of injury or loss. Our advice is to decorate them additionally and be sure to put them in a visible place. Beautiful and useful.

6. Plugs like handles on drawers

Source: Shopee

This is another way to replace harder / sharper objects with an outstanding rubber coating. All you need to do is have a few nails (as many as you have handles on the shelf) and cover them with a rubber stopper.
You can do this by attaching a nail to the inside of it so that the sharper part goes into the shelf.


We hope that some of our tips will be useful to you and that they will make your life easier and make your home as functional as possible in the best possible way.

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