5 Effective Packaging Solutions for eCommerce Businesses

Very often we show interest in things that catch our attention. Sometimes we stop by for window shopping only because a certain product looks attractive or pleasing to our eyes and tastes. Producers and advertisers are well aware of this and will put in an extra effort to make us potential buyers. Decades of advertising, branding, and rebranding have created a context we call visual identity.

A corporate image of brands and products has never been more important as it is today. We are constantly exposed to different kinds of promotions in the media and retails, and companies work hard to catch our eyes. Yes, we all know this very well. But what if you own a product or service and are about to offer it to potential consumers? Apparently, this should be an easy task. You set a web store and start a social media campaign. But will it be sufficient? How will you know that your product will stand out visually and that people will stop scrolling through their endless feeds and stories to give it a closer look?

The way we do things nowadays is just as much important as the way we present or promote them. It goes without saying that a good product or service deserves the finest presentation or package. If this is not always the case, people might question or misjudge the quality of our offerings. That is how important the visual impression came to be in the age of the internet. But do not worry, we have got you covered. Today we are going to discuss the five effective packaging solutions for eCommerce businesses.

1. Recycled or eco-friendly packaging

Source: Packaging Innovation

We all do our best to keep our planet clean. Well, most of us do. Using recycled materials to pack your products will not only contribute to the preservation of our environment, but it will also show your potential customers that you care about it. Sending this kind of message can only boost interest in what you have to offer, resulting in higher sales. Boxes and bags made of recycled paper might lack the shine and twinkle of the coated wrapping paper, but that is not their point anyway. Recycled materials are often cheaper, something that newly established businesses and franchises can find very helpful. Since communication with your costumers is of primary importance here, your eco-friendly package can include a simple yet very effective print. For example, it can carry the name of the person receiving your product or a short phrase originally written by a buyer. Everyone likes short, personal messages, especially the witty ones!

A great alternative is eco-friendly polythene from Polythene UK which is tough, lightweight polythene material that gives you substantial cost savings compared to alternative polythene packaging materials.

2. Stand up pouches

Source: Valdamark

These are very attractive and practical. The bags made of foil come in different shapes and sizes and are perfectly suitable for packing all sorts of products – coffee, tea, snacks, to name a few. We especially like these stand up pouches made by hibags.com. The pouches can be transparent, which is interesting, but you can go very creative and make any sort of print on them. Because they often contain something eatable (did we say chocolate-coated peanuts?), make sure to follow the rigorous procedures of the packing process, so that your products stay fresh during long periods of time.

3. Decorative paper

Source: IndiaMART

We have all seen this one. Wrapping up your product in either a plain matte or glossy paper will never go out of fashion. We encourage you to experiment with colors, textures and even put your original artwork on it if it fits the story you want to tell your customers. For a minimalist appearance, you can pick a single-color paper and decorate it additionally with bands and bows. We all remember the excitement of opening wrapped presents when we were kids, so why not provide that same excitement to your customers?

4. Decorative bags and pouches

Source: The Knot Shop

This might appear too simplistic to some, but sometimes less is more. If you still want people to focus more on your product and not the package, this is a perfect solution for you. Such bags are environmentally friendly, which we think is very important as you have probably noticed, they are easy to store and can be reused multiple times. If you put a logo or motto of your company on it, your brand will get free exposure each time the bag has been used. As we all know – there is no better marketing than the marketing you did not pay for!

5. Aluminum gift box

Source: uCan Packaging

Cookies and chocolate always taste better packed in stylish aluminum containers. They can also be made of plastic, but we personally prefer something that will be reused for a long time. Just remember all those fine little boxes that we still use after their initial use (did you eat all the cookies by yourself?) and how we often find different purposes for them. Sometimes we use them to store accessories, coins, and sometimes even jewelry. The point here is we get attached to them and consider them part of our home furnishing and decoration. So why not provide your customers with something they will approach emotionally each time they reach for a little aluminum box?

Whichever solution you pick to present your products, make sure it is in line with your visual identity, philosophy, and of course, the product itself. Nobody wants to have heavy wrenches delivered in a wonderful gentle foil. Any respectable brand will aim to have its quality products packed in a packing solution it deserves.

Also, feel free to experiment with the packages. Sometimes unexpected combinations of the products and their packaging garner a lot of attention and potentially – sales. Every day we witness how the industry standards change and evolve in this regard. Not long ago, the infamous carton packages were reserved only for foodstuffs, such as yogurt, milk, and juices, but as of recently, some producers of the more expensive alcoholic beverages have gone this route, too. We will see what the time will tell about it and whether such solutions will be widely in use, but we can rest assured that such a branding strategy will raise a lot of eyebrows.

Finally, in the time when a significant number of buyers turn to shop online and have their goods delivered at their doorsteps, we recommend keeping your packages light and reasonably sized in order to save the costs of transportation, but also leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.

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