How to Adapt Marketing Strategies Post COVID-19

If you think that your business is suffering as the result of the coronavirus, then there are a few things that you can do to try and adapt. If you want to find out more about that then simply take a look below.

Help others selflessly

If you do your bit and if you try and help others out as much as you can, then this will really work in your favor. You may find that you end up getting more traffic and that you are also able to stand out from the rest. We are living in very difficult times right now and if you can do something to drive more visitors, then this will give you a lot of benefits.

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Take out a loan

If you really want to help yourself, even more, you may want to think about taking out a paid loan. Become has plenty available if you’re not quite sure where to start. The great thing about a loan is that you can use it to kick-start your business marketing without having to worry.

Offer customers a payment plan

For so many industries, it would seem that conversion rates are down. Things have changed radically and for some companies, they have seen an increase in sales. For travel companies, things are not looking good but there is a solution. If you are selling something online, then consider offering your customers a payment plan. When you do, you can push your customers to buy something without having to worry about them having the capital to pay for it right now.

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Offer a training course

If you are on the lookout for a good opportunity, then you may want to think about seeing if you can sell your audience an educational course. Unemployment rates might be reaching an all-time high right now and more and more people are looking for new opportunities. A lot of these opportunities are in industries that require experience, so if you are able to offer some kind of training course then this can really work in your favor. If you want to do something about this then post hints and tips to your blog, or even think about offering a training course alongside your services. When you do this, you will soon find that you get way more customers and that you are also able to boost your customer loyalty too.

Consider different scenarios

It’s vital to get a feel for the market in the new normal. Check with your other departments, especially finance. As a marketer, you should identify the particular challenges your customers, organization, and brand face today so you can establish what actions you are going to implement. You should be able to find alternative means to reach your target customers. For example, you have planned to buy ad spots for the Tokyo Olympics broadcast. Due to its cancellation, think of where and how you are going to use the allocated budget.

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Anticipate the impact of the changes on your business operations

Inevitably, the changes you are going to implement in your marketing plans post-COVID will impact your operations, so you should plan for it. You should have more realistic expectations about product availability and the level of service you can give. Inform customers about products you can produce and deliver, and those that will not be readily available. Think if extending payment terms and allowing order cancellations will benefit you and your customers.

Improve your customer service and increase information dissemination. Develop messages informing customers about the changes and product availability and post them on your website. Use other platforms, such as your social media pages and email to distribute information and get customer feedback.

Increase your capacity for online transactions. With the push for social distancing, cashless transactions, and limited in-store admittance, improve the means to deliver your products and services to your customers. Use apps and mobile tools for marketing and promotions, but do not forget that the sound of the human voice during trying times has a better impact. See to it that you beef up your customer service support.

Anticipate Consumer Needs

Social distancing can cause anxiety, boredom, and a sense of aloneness.

This makes it very important to identify the consumer needs of every individual and address them before it becomes a problem area.

For instance, since schools and offices are closed, it is very difficult for parents to work from home and engage their kids. As a result, an audiobook service by Amazon called Audible, is now offering free streaming of stories to entertain, teach, and engage children while schools remain closed.

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Adapt your marketing plan

Use the scenarios you have come up with to make changes to your marketing plan. Since large gatherings are banned, you should remove the special events you have planned. Revise your advertising copy and produce content that is more compelling. Consider that many people will be staying at home and will be watching TV more often. Your brand can provide encouraging, informative, uplifting, or light-hearted content as people are looking for support or something new.

Maximize your marketing and advertising opportunities. Listen to what your customers are saying and what they want. Review new customer analytics to understand their new preferences. Search where they hang out now and check advertising opportunities in those platforms. Find out what type of information they need that your brand can provide. You may have solutions to their health concerns, either in terms of products or information.

Review your website

More people will be online as their chances to go out are limited. Be sure to enhance your website and provide additional information about your service offering and product lineup. See to it that you optimize your site for mobile devices. Optimize your landing pages and use the right keywords to increase traffic and audience conversion. Likewise, improve your page speed.

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Push e-commerce

Even when things get better, many people will opt to remain indoors. See to it that your e-commerce service is up to speed. With social distancing and other restrictions, more people will do their shopping online, including the older generations who used to prefer checking things out at the store.

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