Real Causes of Acne

Many people lose confidence when they have some skin problems. That is something that others first notice when they meet us. It is superficial, but if your skin looks healthy, you will leave a better impression. Nobody likes to see impurity on someone else’s face. With that on the mind, if you have skin problems such as acne, you should invest an additional effort to find a solution.

Unfortunately, some people feel ashamed because of this condition, so they try to hide and ignore the problem. However, by neglecting and procrastinating, you can only harm your skin health even more. You should not feel ashamed because everyone has a different type of skin. Logically, some people can have more sensitive skin than others.

The good news is that this one of the most common skin problems is solvable. If you find a cause and source of your problem, you will know how to deal with it and solve it. Many people try to deal with this problem for years, so in the end, if it doesn’t work, they give up and accept such skin with acne. They become desperate, which can lead to depression. So yes, you can spend years trying to solve this, but if you are doing it in the wrong way, it will not have any effect. We will highlight some of the common reasons for acne, so maybe some of them solve your problem.

Inadequate skincare

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Daily skincare is very important for health, hydration, and shiny look of your skin. Even though we are all constantly in a hurry and there is nothing we would rather do after a hard day than go straight to bed, your skin should not suffer. Although you probably don’t pay attention, dirt and dust collect in your pores. By accumulating this impurity, acne could appear on your face. Dead skin cells accumulate in your pores on your skin, which leads to bacteria reproduction. Over time, this can grow into a big reason, and because of that, you need to deal with this problem.

For that reason, it is important to clean your face every morning and evening. Also, be sure to take all off your makeup before going to bed. There are all kinds of products that can help you to have nurtured and healthy skin. If you clean your face regularly, you can avoid any type of skin problem and the appearance of acne. Everyone has unique skin, so don’t be discouraged if a product that helps others doesn’t help you. You need to find the right one for your skin type. If you already have a problem with acne, find a product that reduces pimples, soothes irritations, and prevents their recurrence. Also, you can consider going on medical treatment for acne. If you are interested, you can find more about some acne treatment in LA on Salar Hazany MD.

Acne and stress

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Life with acne could be very stressful. Anybody who suffers from them can testify this. However, it does not occur to people that constant stress and worry can affect their appearance. Any kind of stress could affect our bodies in general, as well as on our skin. Stress can disrupt metabolism, cause you trouble with sleeping or indigestion. Also, you can feel depressed or irritated.

Stress can cause some of the symptoms of problematic and oily skin. The skin becomes irritated, itchy, and red. When we are under stress, it affects the secretion of our sebaceous glands and hormones that can cause acne. It is not easy to stay calm and relaxed when you have a turbulent lifestyle.

However, there are ways to reduce stress with relaxation techniques. You can think about going on yoga, meditation, or wellness. It will help you to relax, think positive, and improve your self-confidence. On the other hand, if you are more of a sports person, you can start exercising and going to the gym. As we exercise, our body releases hormones of happiness called endorphins. It will help you feel better and more relaxed. Also, while you exercise, you can improve skin microcirculation. It will reflect on your skin and you will have glower and a healthy look.


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A healthy, balanced diet is the key to a healthy life and perfect skin.

Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as regular water intake, will make you feel and look much better. There are so many reasons you should consider changing your diet. You can only benefit from it. Vitamins from food can make your skin look brighter, nurtured, and glower. Drinking enough water is very important because dehydration can lead to tiredness. That will also reflect on your skin and it will look dried and lifeless.

It is important to know that your skin can’t be nourished only from the outside. When you take care of what you are entering into your body, you don’t need to worry about your skin. If healthy food intake does not help with skin problems, try an elimination diet. There is a high probability that some food you use does not suit you and causes you problems. By changing your diet, you can help yourself and your skin. Start by eliminating carbohydrates, milk products, and caffeine. Usually, these products affect your health in a bad way. Also, if you smoke, you should quit because the amount of nicotine can harm the health of your skin.


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Most people don’t even think that some of the medication they use daily can harm them. Some of the medications that can affect your skin are usually birth control pills or corticosteroids. While using that kind of medicine, you can potentially cause an imbalance of hormones, and with unstable hormones, you can end up with problematic skin. For girls, abnormal activity of sex glands can increase or decrease the amount of progesterone and estrogen. With this in mind, you should be very careful while you use birth control pills. On the other hand, excessive secretion of the stress hormone called cortisol can also induce skin problems with acne.

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