How to Use Email for Next Level Lead Nurturing

Marketing campaigns aimed at interacting with customers via email are the most effective ones. Automation will allow you to execute multiple mailings and get maximum returns. Mass mailings are aimed to meet the needs of each individual user.

A proper application of marketing technologies using email marketing platform will allow to create an effective campaign that is many times superior to re-targeting and other promotion methods. Sending messages to target customers will increase the conversion on the website and the company’s search engine ranking.

Getting acquainted with the client

First of all, it is necessary to identify the target audience. It will allow you to form a message which will be interesting to specific users. To do this, it is required to describe the portrait of a potential client:

  • place of residence;
  • scope of activities;
  • age;
  • gender, etc.

A specific product may be interesting to a particular group of people. Products for newborns are unlikely to be of interest to teenagers or people of retirement age. Just as garden care products will not be of interest to active leisure enthusiasts.

Users that are registered on your website must first fill out a small form. This will help to better understand the interests and needs of customers and offer them only useful mailings through the top email marketing platform Atompark. Offering products to every customer can be a waste of time – the services should be of interest, only in this way feedback and targeted actions will be provided after reading your newsletter.

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Leads assessment

An important stage is the assessment of leads – potential customers who respond to your marketing campaign. This will allow you to find out which products in your catalog are the most interesting for users.

When you have determined the portrait of the target audience, you should proceed to the next step. It’s important to understand the difference between the intent to buy or a simple interest in new products. Then you can send letters to customers who want to buy the product. For other users, a mailing list with descriptions of new arrivals or other information about the company will be suitable.

After that, a CRM system can be used and it will help to segment leads and competently fill in information about each new customer. For more information about the CRM system, visit EngageBay CRM.

Leads Segmentation

Email list segmentation has many advantages. In this way it is possible to divide users into small groups and provide everyone with only interesting content. An efficient segmentation will lead to higher conversion rates and more efficient emailing solutions.

You can go deeper into client demographics. The age difference significantly affects the interests of the target audience. Segmentation will divide clients into small groups – for example, 12 people. If this division leads to a better conversion, then the mailing is quite effective.

Do not forget that you must give to the client the right to choose. If they are interested in your company, but do not want to read about promotions and bonus offers, then give them the opportunity to unsubscribe from the newsletter. If the client wants, he can resume receiving emails.

Source: ReadWrite

Creating useful content

If the information about the main activity of your company, its services and benefits will be placed in a concise and simple message, then users will not miss the opportunity to visit your website. Email newsletter system will allow you to design messages in such a way that you would be interested to read them from the customer’s point of view.

Each message should have the maximum meaning. Creating unique and useful content will motivate users to commit targeted action. It is also important to develop an interesting design that will turn a message from dry news into a bright and memorable page.

You can attract a client with a tempting beginning of the text or interesting pictures and leave a link to read the final part of the content. The interest in messages will increase and users will be able to find exhaustive information themselves after visiting your website.

Content for each client

Generating personal e-mails for each user through the enterprise e-mail marketing platform will increase interest and create a sense of personal communication. Impersonalized content that is not specifically addressed can be sent to a spam folder and you will no longer be able to interact with that customer.

There are some ways to create the perfect content – which will lead to increased interest in your company and conversion as well. To create such letters it is necessary:

  • to identify customers’ “problems” by pointing at them, making it clear that your letter will help to solve the problem;
  • to offer a unique solution based on the purchase of your product or the use of services;
  • to describe the benefits of using your products;
  • to show what results can be achieved with the use of your products.

You can give an example of a specific person – how their life has changed after using your products. Feedback from people describing the positive aspects of your products is a great idea.

The final part of the letter may be a call to action. You offer to buy a product, register on your website or visit specific pages of the website. The entire marketing strategy should be based on the targeted actions of the potential customer.

Source: eyeem

Advertising Campaign Automation

You will not be able to achieve a high level of feedback unless you apply automation using the email marketing software platform. Every user should feel that the email was written specifically for him and has just been sent. This can be achieved by means of automation, adjusting the mailing time according to the needs of your clients. For example, you can offer a certain middle-aged product in the evening, when a potential client has returned from work and has a rest while browsing the Internet. And for the older generation, a daytime newsletter will be appropriate.

Automation and analytic processes will allow you to monitor the reactions of your users after sending out the newsletter. How many users will read the emails, how many will perform targeted actions. What they will do if they click the link provided in the message.

After a customer performs an action on your website, you can send them an automatically generated email with a confirmation of registration, notification of the addition of products to the cart or making a purchase. This will ensure a good relationship with each specific customer. Such letters create the illusion of live communication. Especially while using additional links in the message to confirm registration or purchase a new product.

Source: medium

Final words

Using email marketing is the most effective way to build a marketing campaign. Communication with customers should be built on a long-term perspective. There is no point in messages being sent to spam after the first mass mailing. Users should be interested in receiving emails from your company – this will increase conversion.

When customers get acquainted with important information about your company, they will be ready to spend money on your products. You will be then able to increase by many times the brand awareness and the income of your business.

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