How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business?

As the world and technology progress, the economy rules are inevitably changing, and some things you needed to do to succeed are no longer significant. But some new-ones become very important, especially when you own a small business company. Earlier, you needed to create your name by advertising locally and from person to person, but now you need to do the same thing via the internet.

Although it can look a little bit intimidating in the beginning, you quickly realize it is not that difficult. The first thing you need to achieve success with your small business is a functional and quality website. It doesn’t matter if you are promoting your skills or selling anything, you should have a good website, which is essential for any small business ready to operate on modern principles.

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Probably the best possible piece of advice that anyone can give you about website design for your firm is “Do not do it yourself, and leave it to the professionals” First of all, these people have experience and know-how to do it. You can try to learn how to design a site, and you can lose your time with no possibility to do it as professionals would, and your mind won’t be on your business.

Also, if you try to create your website via website builder, it will cost you, even with so-called free builders, because most of the helpful features, you need to buy separately. When you make this decision, the next question pops up, how much would this website cost? Somewhere in a range from 75 pounds to 15.000 pounds yearly. On such a big scale, how can I know what kind of site should I have?

The first thing that can determine cost is your expenses for hosting or a domain name, and that has nothing to do with choosing your website designer, but some designers include these services into their packages. A domain name should approximately cost somewhere between 5 and 20 GBP yearly. When you are paying for web hosting, you pay for your website existence online, and it can cost from 10 GBP to more than 50 GBP per month.


And what can affect the pricing for website design?

One thing that always determines the price of any service is the time needed to provide that service, which is the same with website building. If you want a more complex site, for which web designers need to spend more time, you are going to pay more. Some of the features you want to include can also determine that price, and those are design and programming, eCommerce functions and online shop, SEO (Search engine optimization), mobile-friendly design, logo, images…

To answer this question, you are going to give some answers first about your expectations from your business future website. First, you need to choose who to hire to build your new website for you, a freelancer, a studio, or an agency. Agencies are the most expensive, but they can provide the most complex website if needed. According to D-Isla Web Design, you can have your new startup website with basic web features for just 99.99 GBP. This website, made by highflying freelancers, has good quality for a startup, and eventually, your website will grow with your company. Besides that, you can find affordable packages for a small business that can guarantee you much more than a cheaper basic packet.

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ECommerce functions are helpful because selling online revenue in the UK is more than 600 million GBP last year, and now it is much more relevant because of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Establishing an online shop is not an easy task, and you need to pay extra if you want this useful feature for your small business, but it can pay off. You must prepare all the details about the goods you are selling, and you are going to need high-quality images for each article. This feature will have an enormous impact on your website cost, and you should research if your income boost will cover the expenses. Those expenses can rise to more than 250 pounds per month. You should also obtain legal certificates for selling online.

SEO is very significant if you want anyone to notice your small business on the web. Without SEO, there is a huge chance you will go unnoticed. SEO website optimization represents the process of improving the quality and number of traffic from search to a site through natural search results. SEO optimization is probably the most important of all the features listed because if you don’t do this right, you won’t have visitors on your website, so this costs more. It can cost from 300 pounds per month when you work with reliable freelancers or even thousands if you hire an agency.


A lot of young people use their mobile phones when they go online, so it is quite helpful to have your website mobile-friendly. Most of the packages already have this, but if you stumble to someone who charges extra, it would cost you about 500 GBS yearly. You can always create your logo, but if you don’t want to, most web designers would be happy to do that for 25-50 pounds. Google Maps on your small business website can come in handy too.

When you sum up all these numbers for all the features you want to add, there will be probably come up with a four-digit price. With all those expenses, you may want to give up from building your website, but don’t forget how much earnings you can get from this type of advertising. Essentially, this is similar to buying any other product or service, “you got what you pay for” If you are not online, you don’t exist, so you should count this as an investment to future earnings. Also, if you do thorough research, you can find a good freelance web designer who can offer most of these features for about 350-400 GBP for the basic package, which is more than enough to start.

We don’t have to forget a nice trick, at the very end, that could help you save some money in the design process of your website. That trick is called “free web templates”. There is a lot of really good and actually free web templates that could improve the overall look of your site. This trick could help you save a few bucks, so if you want to use simple and free website templates click here.

Good luck with your website!

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