10 Tips for Preparing Your Office for Interior Painters

Every working day we spend as much as 8 to 10 hours in the office. Did you know that inspiring office design can significantly boost productivity and it is directly correlated with the success of your company? The fastest, cheapest and easiest way to change office interior is simply by painting walls.

Hiring professionals is, of course, a good idea. Ambient should be comfortable and welcoming and they can help you to easily accomplish these requirements. For more information about hiring a professional, you can visit likepainting.com.au.

To make sure that everything goes according to plan you have to prepare working space for painting crew firstly.

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1. Moving Furniture

The best practice is to move all your furniture in advance. Furniture should be moved to the middle of the room, but if you are unable to do this by yourself most of the companies will help you with this step. Cords must be marked and all electronic must be unplugged as well. If there are electronics that cannot be moved or unplugged, you should tell that to the painters. There is a good reason for you to move all photo frames and all of your art installations. It is hard to paint around them and there is a possibility for them to get damaged during that process.

2. Masking

Another important thing for you to do is to clean your floors as much as possible. This will simplify the process of masking floors and other items for the workers. All your precious belongings will need to be covered with plastic covers (even better is to use canvas drop cloth because plastic is slippery). Good idea is to make sure that the contractor mask more than it seems to be needed. This will be helpful when the painting process is over and the time comes for a cleanup. When we take this step then restoring everything to the way it was will be done quickly and efficiently.

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3. Cabinets and closets

In your kitchen, it would be convenient if you remove all your pans, plates, pots from your cabinets. This way you can make sure that nothing breaks.

4. Think about health

Worrying about dust and fumes is normal when you decide to repaint your walls. Good news is that unlike the old days when the odour from painting formulations was especially strong, today we have painting formulas with zero or minimal VOC (volatile organic compounds). Although painting professionals are familiar that there could be dust and fumes when they work, it is still best to practise to leave your windows open. Weather can affect the speed of drying, so the best time for painting might be summer. You should be aware that after all the work is done your employees can not come back immediately because of the presence of paint fumes. They are quite dangerous for employees health. Exposure can cause nausea, vomiting and headache. You should consider giving your employees the possibility to work from home or even a day off.

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5. Decide what you want

It is not easy to decide what colour scheme and type of paint should be used in the office. Choose of colours do not depend on your budget but also on the type of work you do. The neutral tone is most used by the professional organization, but if the type of job allows you can express your creativity by choosing vibrant colour combination. The ambiance of an office is an important part of a company, as well as your success in business. Your office has to reflect the professionalism of your company. An aesthetically decorated office can helps you in achieving an excellent first impression of your customers.

6. Check every detail

Make sure that you have a good understanding of what are painters duties, how long the process will take, and what will be the price. Dark walls, number of coats, area that you want to paint (do you want to paint just walls, or also ceiling) different colours, and poor conditions of walls, will be more money and time-consuming. Mixing of colours, preparation of walls, usage of a specific brand of colours can increase the final price too. The amount of money that you will need to spend also depends on the fact whether the office can be painted during business hours or only during the night of the painting has to be finished in one day.

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7. Choose a service

Painting office should be done every 2-3 years, and painting costs can cause you to go over budget. So make sure to hire skilled contractors, who will not charge you any hidden expenses. This way you will be sure that everything goes smoothly and you will end up with outstanding results. Protip: call the company in advance in order to make sure that contractors’ best workers will be available in time of your redecoration.

8. Wall preparation

Maybe you are ready for decorating, but your walls aren’t! Walls can get dirty pretty fast and that is considered totally normal. No matter what type of paint is at this moment on your walls, you must clean them. Firstly, you can vacuum them and clean them with a dry towel and afterward you can use a wet sponge (with or without a few drops of mild soap) to gently wipe them. The presence of mold can be problematic for painting so you should contact your contractor about the safest way to eradicate it. It would be wise to remove wallpapers from your walls, as this would help the painting crew to be more efficient and it would save them a lot of time. Any crack, hole or imperfection should be corrected also.

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9. Done other repair as well

You can use this time to fix electrical installations, plumbing installation or to change a carpet. Some painting services can provide small carpentry jobs.

10. Inform your neighbours

Don’t forget to tell neighbours about your plans. Excessive noise can be stressful especially in a working environment. They should be informed in advance, at least a few days before so they can rearrange meetings if that is necessary.

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