6 Types Of Vehicle Recovery Services

Anyone who has been driving for more than a few years must have experienced at least a few problems with their car when they needed the assistance of professional services. We all hope that such things will rarely happen to us and that we will face only minor failures that we can fix ourselves. But serious problems such as engine failure or a car accident will not always bypass us. And many other problems that are inevitable when driving. In that case, you will need a tow service. Luckily there are such companies that work 24/7 and are always ready to help you. We will tell you what are the types of vehicle recovery services they can provide you.

Types of vehicle recovery services

1. Recovery after a car accident

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This is, unfortunately, the most common need for services of this kind. Traffic accidents are very common, according to some research, even ten times more common than just fifty years ago. The reason for this is very clear. Although cars have been significantly improved, including their protection systems, the number of vehicles on the streets has increased so much that the likelihood of a traffic accident has also increased. Towing companies, therefore, encounter this most often, and their quick response is very important for a number of reasons. First of all, if the car is stuck, they come to get it out, so that people can be transported to the hospital. Then, they are trying to remove the damaged car as soon as possible so that it would not lead to new traffic collisions. Never attempt to tow another car yourself, as you have neither the knowledge nor the equipment to do so. The towing companies have a specially equipped vehicle so they can do it quickly, safely and efficiently. They usually have several towing trucks, which serve depending on the size of the vehicle to be pulled out.

2. Total engine failure

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Engine failures are common, but you can usually solve them yourself or at least drive to the nearest workshop, where they will solve the problem for you. But in case of total engine failure, you have no choice but to stop immediately and wait for help, because you can’t drive even a hundred meters. Never take any chances and try to push the car, especially when you are on a very busy road. Call the towing company and wait inside your vehicle until they arrive. They will come and tow your car wherever you want. Whether you are on a busy highway or in the middle of a country road, it doesn’t matter. It will save you when total engine failure happens to you. It’s even more complicated if this happens to some larger vehicle like a truck, but even then, there are solutions. Check on carrecoveryuk.com with which vehicles towing companies work with.

3. Multi-punctured tires

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If you puncture only one tire, it will not be a problem because by law, everyone must have a spare tire in their trunk. You will replace it and continue the journey because every driver must know how to change a tire. But what will you do if you run into a part of the road covered with something sharp, like glass and the like and puncture a few tires or even all four? In that case, you cannot repair them yourself, because you do not have space to carry more than one spare tire. And if you continue to drive, you are taking a big risk. The handling of the car will be very poor, and you will also damage the wheels and risk major damage that will cost a lot to repair. So all you have to do is call the vehicle recovery service. You won’t even need tow service in that case, you just need them to come and replace your tires. When you call them, you will have to explain to them what the car model is, the size of the wheels, etc.

4. Defective battery

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Batteries are even more important for today’s cars than before. Before, cars used the battery mostly only for ignition, and now due to the multitude of fitters and other electronic functions that each car has, the battery is necessary for functioning. Modern cars cannot work without the driving control system and protection they have. If your battery breaks or is discharged because, for example, you forgot to turn off the headlights, you will find yourself in big trouble. If you do not have the ability to charge the battery nearby, your car will be totally dead. Call a vehicle recovery service and they will help you solve the problem.

5. Obstacle on the road

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It doesn’t always have to be a problem with your car. The problem can also be on the road. Even if you have a modern off-road car, with all the necessary accessories like tires for off-road driving and the like, if you run to obstacle on the road, you cannot pass it. It could be a fallen tree and something like that. Then the tow company enters the scene. Just as they can pull your vehicle out, so they can move a tree out of the way. So if you want to continue the journey, call them and they will solve the problem. And it can also happen to you that you get stuck in the mud during off-road driving, so if you need them, emphasize to them, to come with a vehicle that is suitable for such type of extraction job.

6. Underwater vehicle recovery

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This can be considered the most complicated recovery procedure. If such an accident happens that the car ends up under water, it cannot be left there. The damage is probably beyond repair but it definitely needs to be taken out of the water. Then the companies hire special vehicles, divers and other things to solve the problem. It is even more complicated if it is stuck in the mud. But everything can be solved and then transport wreckage to the junkyard.


These are the most common types of vehicle recovery services. We wish that such problems never happen to you, but if they do happen, do not try anything alone, but call professionals.

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