Guide to Choosing A TV Antenna

Choosing a TV antenna is crucial, especially during this unprecedented period of global lockdown. While global lockdown restrictions are easing, we are still predicted to be spending more time at home than ever. For this reason, it is important you have the best and most effective antenna that you can afford. Some antennas are simply rubbish and restrict what you can watch and how you watch. This page will offer a comprehensive guide on how to choose the perfect TV antenna for you. TV antennas vary from region to region, for example, if you live in a mountainous plateau, you may need a much stronger antenna than if you lived in an urban area.

Here is a guide on how you can choose a new TV antenna effectively and efficiently.

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Read Guides

If, in the past, you have previously struggled to find the best TV antenna, then look no further than here. By deciding to visit here, your questions will all be answered. It is very important that when you are searching for a TV antenna that you consult guides and ranking websites. Buying a TV antenna can save you a lot of money and mean you do not have to pay for extortionate satellite TV. There are many guides that exist on the internet, specifically catered to finding the best TV antenna in your area and the best on the market. Guides, like this one, can be your best friend when you are shopping for antennas.

Channel List

When buying an antenna, you must first ascertain what channels are available on the antenna’s channel list. Every single antenna has different channels, and for that reason, it is crucial that you first research into what is available on your prospective aerial. You can ordinarily do this by consulting the packaging or contacting the manufacturer. It is essential that you know exactly what channels are available, lest you return, and cannot watch the channels you favor. The channel list is unquestionably the most important thing about an antenna, and if the channel list does not meet your criteria, then you cannot possibly be happy.

You should make sure the channels available on the channel list are not satellite channels, otherwise, you may have to pay for them, and if you are found to be watching them without a license, you may be prosecuted. You must also ensure you have a TV license.

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Antenna Choices

You can find a full list of TV channels available on antenna review websites. When you find the channels, they will be color coordinated. Green meaning they can be received with an indoor antenna, yellow with a larger one, and red a roof-mounted TV aerial.

Indoor Antennas

An indoor antenna will always be bothersome and hit or miss. You may get reception, you may not. There will be periods where you do and periods where you do not, which is why you should always opt for, at the very least, a large outdoor antenna. Indoor antennas are ordinarily flat and easy to assemble, and simply only need to be hung from the window or stuck to a wall. They should always face the transmitter.

It is important to hang an indoor antenna is an area that it receives a signal, lest you cannot watch a thing. You may be able to install your indoor antenna upstairs in your attic and may receive a better signal if you do that.

Larger Antennas

Larger antennas, as mentioned previously, are often indoor antennas that can be placed outside. They cannot be placed on your roof but can be hung outside of windows, or even put inside your attic. They will receive more signals than a normal indoor antenna but will still not be as efficient as an outdoor antenna. For maximum effectivity, they too can go in the attic, providing they are pointed directly at the TV transmitter tower in your area.


Outdoor Antennas

Outdoor antennas are very large and are often known as satellite dishes. You can get virtually every single TV channel imaginable with one of these, and they will often come as part of a wider satellite package. If you do not want satellite television, but want one of these aerials, you can still pick up many more channels than you would be able to otherwise. They require a professional tradesman to come in and install them and cannot be done alone, lest you risk hurting yourself. They are roof-mounted or can be mounted on an exterior wall.

Now you know how to pick the right TV antenna effectively and efficiently. With everybody spending more time in-doors, TV ratings have sky-rocketed. Make sure you’re prepared, as the lockdown is being said to return with a second wave of the virus on the horizon.

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