Starting a Podcast? Here’s How You Can Start

Podcasts have, in recent years, become extremely popular. While their inception is relatively new comparatively, they have absolutely dominated the media industry and can be found on virtually every single phone in the entire world. There exists podcasts for every single subject one may have an interest in, from fishing to alien conspiracies, and can be paid or free. Attempting to break into the podcast industry can certainly be daunting, but it is not by any stretch of imagination impossible. Many people started out humbly in their bedrooms or basements recording podcasts, and now have the most successful podcasts available for streaming.

This page will tell you a few tips and tricks you need to know when you are attempting to break into the podcast industry. Here is how you can start your own podcast and a few tips that will help you succeed.


Breaking into the podcast industry can be hard, admittedly. By deciding to check this site out and read this guide, you will leave this page knowing exactly how to start, and how you can dominate the field. The first step in breaking into the podcast industry is to get yourself a good quality and high-specification microphone. Some people do record their podcasts with video cameras, but podcasts are, au fond, entirely audio-based.

You can, when your viewership is up, record videos, but should start out with simple audio recordings. You will need a high-specification microphone so that you can isolate your voice and escape external noises that could hinder the quality of your podcast. You can buy a high-specification microphone from most media retailers and will be glad to know that they do not very often break the bank and can be quite reasonable and economically priced.



The second most important step in starting your own podcast is the content. You should, of course, make sure that you have a general idea of the content before buying equipment, but you need not worry about the exact content until after you have the initial equipment (microphone, headset, etc.). The content you produce will determine the success of your podcast, but you at the same time, must ensure that the content you produce is something you are interested in and not just a general topic you will quickly grow bored of. Some of the most popular genres of podcasts are the occult, esoteric mysticism, spirituality, drugs, and conspiracies. These are all subjects you should consider.


Having guests is crucial should you want your podcast to be constantly interesting and always changing. While you cannot expect to have celebrity guests initially, you can have social media personalities and popular online gamers (and other podcast hosts, as a matter of fact). Having guests will mean that you show it is always unique and is never just an episode of you simply sat there talking to the audience, and while that can be good occasionally, it is not the sort of thing that your audience will want to listen to every single day.

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While you should always have a specific subject that your content will be designed around, diversity is always good. You can jump between topics or subjects that pertain loosely to your own. Diversity in content is very good and is a great way to keep your audience interested and enthusiastic about listening to your podcast. The diversity of guests is pretty awesome, too. If you keep your guests and content diverse and wide-ranging, then you will draw in viewers that you may ordinarily not have been able to entice into listening.


A consistent podcast is one that will surely succeed. If you are not committed to your podcast and only record it intermittently, then you will likely fail, and your podcast will begin to falter and lose its viewership. You should have a specific day of the week (or a few) in which you post your podcast regularly. This consistency and regularity are what will entice your viewers and keep them loyal, always wondering what may potentially come next. Consistency is crucial to a successful podcast, and without it, you cannot achieve podcast stardom.

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The cost of your podcast, in the beginning, at least, should be free. You should not be attempting to make money immediately, and rather you must start out for free and gradually work your way up into paid episodes, thereby whittling down the real fans from those who are not. If you’re interested in starting your own podcast for some of the best free streaming tools on the market, visit

Now you know how you can break into the podcast industry and become your own podcast-boss. Podcasts have made some people very rich and can make you rich, too, providing you have determination, zeal, and charisma.

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