Facebook Marketing in 2024

Marketing is always crucial for the final success of a company, its products, ideas or anything we want to place on the market. Once upon a time, the most popular methods were advertising on billboards, in newspapers and on television, especially in primetime.

However, things are changing. In the last twenty years, with the growing importance of the Internet, the online environment has become the best place to advertise, because that way most people will be able to see it. Great companies like AIAD have long been taking advantage of multi-field marketing opportunities and offering this service to their clients who are looking for professional guidance for their small businesses.

And social networks offer the greatest opportunities, due to the huge number of users. First of all, Facebook, as the largest social network, with over two billion users, and most of them are active every day. Although Facebook originated as a network for student entertainment at a prestigious college in the USA, it is now the main place for advertising. You can present all your marketing ideas there and be sure that everyone will see them. You will never have a better opportunity, and with less money spent.

Of course the biggest companies rent advertising space during the SuperBowl and similar events, but it costs millions. That is why Facebook is an ideal option, and we will tell you everything you need to know about marketing on the world’s largest social network.

About Facebook marketing

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This primarily refers to contact with clients through FB page. It is best to create a business page for these needs, but more on that later. What is clear is that every company must be present on FB, because in that way they will get in touch with the largest customer base. We all know that as soon as we hear about a company, restaurant, hotel or anything else, we immediately open Facebook and search. It is suitable for everyone. Both for big brands and for local companies. Also, personal campaigns and non-profit organizations can gain a lot of benefits in this way. And even political parties pay a lot of attention during the pre-election campaigns to the managing of their page. Ten years ago, social networks were almost exclusively used by young people. But today that is no longer the case. All age structures are present and that is why FB marketing is a must.

Business page

The business page is a tool built just for the Facebook market and best of all, it is free. Without thinking, you should use a business page and not a regular profile. This way you will stand out from the crowd, and you will have a lot of tools at your disposal to create a page however you want. You can post your products, links, photos and everything else. You can also be more relaxed here than on the website. While professionalism and reputation need to be maintained, of course, you can have a more relaxed approach here. The goal is for customers to see the other side of your brand as well, as opposed to a website that has to be formal. The nature of your company, brand or product, as well as the target group of customers will dictate your posts. You need to know who your target group is, because you must not make the mistake of making your posts uninteresting to those you want to reach.

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There is also an option to pay for classic ads, which will appear to people on the side while they are on the home page or their profile. It is a classic ad, which you will choose what it looks like. When clicked on, it will redirect the person who clicked on your website or wherever you want. This will increase the number of visits to your website or likes on your business page. You can also select a target group to which your ad will appear more often. A very useful option, because you will get a lot of new customers or at least people who will, for example, get you a newsletter and later become customers.

Also, there are also spy tools that can give you a better insight into how your competition is running your campaigns. Learn more here about spy tools.

Photos and description

It is very important to visually edit your page. It must be aesthetically pleasing, but also so that you do not lose the characteristics of your brand. It means nothing to you to put a picture of Rembrandt, if it has nothing to do with you, for example. People will usually see a profile photo, so they should immediately associate it with your company. It is best to be 180 x 180 pixels, and if it is larger than that, make sure it is nicely cropped. Then set the cover photo. For anyone who decides to enter your page, this will be the biggest photo they will see and will be crucial to making a first impression. Change it according to current promotions and the like. Finally, don’t forget to add a brief description. Write down the basic things that potential customers need to know and try to make the best possible impression using as few words as possible.

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Have clear goals

If you do not have a clear goal for what purpose you will use Facebook marketing, you may not take full advantage of it. Decide what you want to improve. Whether you want greater popularity, increased sales, a larger customer base or something else, but you need to define it in advance. Only then will you be able to know if you have succeeded. Because then you will know exact numbers at the beginning, to compare with the numbers after, for example, 6 months.

Sponsored stories

This has also proven to be a very useful option. You pay that when someone likes something related to you, it comes out as information to his Facebook friends. This means that if someone notices that several of his friends have followed one of your posts, there is a high probability that he will also look at what it is about. Now you wonder why this is necessary, when the activity of a friend is already on our wall. The reason is that we mostly overlook it, because we don’t pay attention and we don’t care. When you pay for sponsored stories, it will be in your spotlight constantly. Research has shown that sponsored stories are one of the most effective strategies you can implement.

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In the era of the Internet and social networks, don’t miss the opportunity to reach a large number of people for free or with very little investment, for which it used to be necessary to spend millions.

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