Viable Ways To Make Money As A Music Producer

The chances for music producers, musicians, and artists are continuing to grow to endless possibilities thanks to ever-evolving music production. In the past, it was a lot harder to make money unless you have signed a contract with a particular label or you had big connections in the music industry.

Since those times, things have changed dramatically. Thanks to the internet, there are endless opportunities and audiences can be massive from all around the world. Waiting for music labels to discover you and hopefully give you a contract to sign is no longer a thing.

An old-fashioned “begging” method of going through the bar to bar and harassing owners to hire you to play at their venues is no longer necessary. Here are some ways how music producers can make some coin in these modern times.


Sell Some Beats

In the last couple of years, there has been an increase of music producers and beat markets. They sell “type beats” to self-reliant artists, rappers, and singers. The majority of them are creating amazing instrumentals that they are selling on their website and other platforms and use social media to market their digital products.

The price range of their beats can go from nineteen dollars and up. It would depend mostly on the quality itself, how big the clientele is and of course, how famous you are as a producer. There is no set rule, but licensing types are also considered when it comes to pricing.

Source: Marketing Land


Have you have ever wondered how people like Jeffree Star, PewDiePie, or Nastya are so big on the YouTube platform and earn millions of dollars? Like everyone else, they have started at the bottom. By being everywhere on social media and uploading content from day to day, they have made names for themselves as their fan base grew alongside.

By putting out your beats on YouTube and having a channel that is consistent can make progress in your career as well as fill in your portfolio quite nicely. There is also the option of doing music producer vlogs that people and your followers might enjoy. Try being as unique as possible and show off your brand in a way that is specific to you and will distinguish you from others. Before the channel is monetized, the goal is to reach one thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours. When you reach that, every additional step will bring you more and more success.

Source: Bannersnack blog


Have you heard of Patreon? In case you did not, let me explain what it is. It is a membership platform that supplies business tools for creators to operate a subscription content service. It gives artists various ways to build up a relationship with their fans, also called patrons, and distribute them with an exclusive experience.

There you can upload whatever kind of material that they are interested in seeing. for example, customized music, behind the scenes videos, or even a personalized video chat. The possibilities are endless and can go as far as your creativity. Figure out in what way can you put up your content and give unique adventure that your patrons might enjoy in.

You can promote your Patreon on your YouTube channel. By simply putting a link in your YouTube channel description you can achieve that aim, or by using other social media platforms.



Mixing and mastering is probably the most important step before unleashing your music. In case you are wondering how many producers, rappers or singers release their music, the answer would be a lot of them. That would especially be the case for the independent ones. It is quite expensive to book a high-end professional studio for a few hours, particularly for the artists that are on the budget. In case that you have a good ear for balancing mixes and making it the best version it can be, that would be a thing to consider.

You can take advantage of that and offer those services at a reasonable price. The cost would depend on the number of tracks that you are selling, studio equipment, and your level of expertise. Some mixing professionals out there charge from fifty to two hundred dollars per song. There are those who charge even higher, so you can assess would that price be something that you can aspire to.


Final Thoughts

These are a few of the basic tips on how to make money as a music producer. Go and explore and seek your fortune. Regardless of what the majority of people may say, it is possible to make an honest living out of this calling.

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