Nokia Lumia 930 Review

Camera Quality:

Nokia is only company to come up with powerful camera in its device. We have experienced 5MP camera phone by Nokia and this configuration has reached up to 41MP. Nokia Lumia 930 is given with 20MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens with f/2.4 aperture and wide-angle lens is enough to capture perfect images to preserve your memory in clear and crisp resolution. Nokia is only phone to have camera features who scores well in both lighting conditions. Outdoor shooting is managed by most of the camera in smartphones but real challenge is low-light imaging which comes best with Lumia series smartphones. Videos can be shot at full HD resolution by rear camera and front camera is capable of shooting 720p videos. Camera is major USP for Nokia Lumia series and it is carried well in this smartphone too.

Nokia Lumia 930 Smartphone Review

Software and UI:

Nokia Lumia 930 is running on Windows 8.1 and hardware specs provided to the phone is enough to handle OS introduced in it. UI of all Windows phone is similar with same tiled home screen touch interface. Windows 8.1 is said to be much lighter and smooth compared to Windows 8 and UI of the phone is really smooth and efficient. Microsoft has learned to make correct improvement in its OS and so this flagship is gifted with much stable OS. You will experience number of improvement in the OS like Audio centre, Word Flow keyboard, new camera and Gallery UI, Start screen wallpapers, Highly personal digital voice assistant, File manager, WiFi sense, Storage sense and Battery saver and many more included in the new Windows 8.1 OS.

Battery Backup:

Nokia Lumia series are not best known for producing powerful battery backup for their smartphones. Same tradition is carried by Nokia in this flagship too; Lumia 930 has battery strength of just 2,420mAh non-removable battery. If phone is horsing on powerful features like quad-core processor and 5-inch display it needs huge battery backup. Though the battery of Lumia 930 is less in power but produces good backup and allows staying longer with your smartphones.


Nokia Lumia 930 is good option if you are bored using Android or iOS smartphones. It has ample of reasons to you to buy this smartphone. It has super clear display as it is powered by AMOLED display and full HD resolution. Phone is running on quad-core processor powered by Snapdragon chipset and powerful GPU. Camera of Nokia Lumia series is just perfect as it works well in any lighting conditions. Battery of the phone is little low but Nokia manages to produce good battery backup. Overall, if you are Windows phone lover then this phone is just perfect for you.

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