11 Things You Need to Know About Mining Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a process through which the cryptocurrency transactions among users are verified. After verification, the transactions are added into bitcoin public ledger. It is a painstaking but rewarding process. The miners receive payment for working as auditors. Their job is to verify the earlier Bitcoin transactions. When people make a payment through digital currency, there is a chance that the customer is sending a digital copy of the token to the token. In the meantime, the owners may retain the original currency.

1 MB OF Bitcoin transactions is known as a block. A miner becomes eligible for a Bitcoin reward after verifying 1 MB of Bitcoin transactions. However, this reward is not guaranteed. Satoshi Nagamoto, the founder of bitcoins, came up with the idea of rewards.

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Those who mine cryptocurrency need to keep a few things in mind. They are as follows:

1. Necessities

People need eight things to mine cryptocurrency. They are as follows:

a) Wallet: Acoin wallet is a private database.

It is available free of cost. This password-protected container keeps a record of transactions made across the network. A software wallet is best suited for beginners. There are two types of software wallets: lightweight wallets and full wallets. Full wallets allow the cryptocurrency miners to download the entire blockchain. It occupies a lot of space but is safe.

On the contrary, lightweight blockchains record only the relevant transactions. It is controlled by a third-party. So, the cryptocurrency miners do not have full control over it.

b) Membership of online mining pool: An online mining pool is a group of miners who join their computers to make more profits. The cryptocurrency miners who do not have a mining pool, only receive a minimum payout for finding a block on their own. It is known as solo mining. Experts do not recommend solo mining. Many mining pools have their individual, tailor-made software. Mining pools are under the control of third parties and co-ordinate groups of miners.

c) Mining software package:To mine cryptocurrency, people need access to a free mining software package.

d) Online currency exchange: The miners need membership of online currency exchange. Here, they are allowed to exchange real money in return for cash and vice versa.

e) Stable internet connection: Those who mine cryptocurrency need a stable internet connection, ideally 2mbps or faster.

f) Computer: Cryptocurrency miners need a computer that is specially designed for mining. It is better to have a dedicated desktop instead of a laptop.

g) House fan: A house fan that blows fresh and pleasant air over the mining computer is a must for mine cryptocurrency. iT radiates stifling heat. The device needs to be cooled on a priority basis to avoid damage.

h) Technical requirements: Cryptocurrency miners need an ATI GPU or a specialized processing device. It is known as a ASIC chip. Each GPU or ASIC chip’s cost may vary between $900 (for a second-hand product) to $ 3000 (for a new product). It is the warehouse for accounting services.

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2. Thirsty for knowledge

Person who mines cryptocurrency needs to be curious by nature. The person also needs to have a thirst for knowledge. Successful cryptocurrency miners need to dedicate hours to find out how they may improve their performance. The research is about finding out new techniques and optimizing new results.

Levels: It has three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

3. Locating a Bitcoin Exchange

Cryptocurrency miners may need to sell the bitcoins to pay for power costs. They may also need to exchange bitcoins. So, cryptocurrency miners need to locate a cryptocurrency exchange. Example: eToro and WazirX are popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

4. Get appropriate software

Bitcoin miners need to hook the software to connect their hardware into the desired mining pool. The miners also tell in the software pool to which Bitcoin address the payout should go. Bitcoin mining software is available for Windows and Linux.

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5. Profitability

Bitcoin miners need to do some necessary calculations. The basic calculations will help them check whether it is profitable or not. The factors related to it are regularly changing. So, there is no guaranty that it will reap profits for everyone. They may make a note of the expenses related to mining bitcoin, like electricity.

6. Legal implications

Few countries, if any, have legal restrictions about mining bitcoin. The bitcoin miners need to find out how it will affect their taxes.

7. Earning potential

The earning potential of bitcoin mining depends upon a variety of factors. The factors are as follows:

The price is incurred for electricity.

The age of mining hardware

The scale of operation

The price of Bitcoin when it is being sold

Level of difficulty in mining it.

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8. Bitcoin mining hardware

Bitcoin miners need to get hardware. They will not be able to mine unless they have an ASIC miner. So, the bitcoin miners need to get their bitcoin mining hardware.

9. Process of mining bitcoin on Android or iOS

Android devices allow it. However, the bitcoin miners will earn less than a penny every year if they mine on an Android device. An Android device isn’t powerful enough to match the hardware that is used for severe operations.

10. How to mine professionally

The miners need to keep their machines with a server rack in a data center. It needs a secure ambiance, where it is not exposed to overheating.

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11. A mining program

Cryptocurrency miners need to run a client on their software. A proper software connects the cryptocurrency miners to the blockchain. A proper software shows basic statistics like average speed and temperature. It also governs the activities of the cryptocurrency miner.


Buying bitcoins and not mining is the fastest possible way to get bitcoins. Cryptocurrency miners need to update themselves with the news of the cryptocurrency world.

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