Key Elements for a Modern Website Design

Modern website design needs to be user friendly and one that can capture visitor’s attention. It is important to make sure that your website functions in the same manner as it looks. Ideally, it should be simple and clean. A variety of elements need to be kept in mind while creating a web design.

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Learn the Main Elements Of Amazing Web Design

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Correct color usage

It is important to use the right color schemes and combinations to make your site pleasing and attractive to customers. Cohesiveness is formed among the information placed for every product by using a strong color palette.

Incorporation of too many colors creates a fuss and can cause visual distraction. Therefore, it is necessary to simplify your color scheme as much as possible to help the audience focus.

Don’t underestimate white space

White space here basically refers to the availability of empty space on your website. If the information gets too crowded, it becomes difficult for users to find relevant information. This will not even help you in gaining much attention.

The presence of white space also makes the page attractive and it even acts as a barrier between all the details mentioned on your website. So you should always go for organized and clean web design.

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Use of images

Include high-quality images on your website. As soon as you add a pleasant looking, light-hearted colorful hero image, visitors are attracted by it. The use of vivid hero images can help you a lot with making users spend more time on your page. If you have a plethora of good and appealing photos, your visitors can always come back for more.

Call to action

Your aim should always be to transform your visitors of the site into permanent customers. Once they have become permanent, you need to maintain that bond by taking up several measures. You can add features like free product forms, consultation, etc. These steps are important to maintain customer information.

You can even add email subscription forms and e-books that can be downloaded. Also do not forget to include the CTAs towards the end of your homepage or blog. You can even mention them on different resource pages.

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Insert videos

You can always highlight your brand’s personality by adding short videos of your products. These videos are intended to provide users a quick glimpse and understanding of your products. They should be aware of what they are being offered.

Videos giving a demonstration of your product play a major role in impacting the decisions of customers. The videos should be precise and informative. Once the content is ready, you can place them strategically on your website to grab the attention of users.

Optimization of speed

In a digital world where responses take place in a fraction of second, it becomes very crucial to optimize the speed at which your website works. No one waits for more than 2 or 3 seconds while opening a link.

If your web page does not open in that much time, there is a possibility that users may not visit that page ever. To maintain an optimum speed, you can enable features like the compression of images and select proper hosting options.

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User friendly

You should be able to create a website and web design that is user friendly. Sometimes, businesses design their website in a manner that helps to improve their rankings. But the motive here is to increase your ranking in customer’s eyes. The aim should be to form loyal and long term customers.

The website should be designed to capture the attention of your target audience first. Once the customers become loyal, it makes your business more reliable and Google can itself analyze how much time is spent by users in going through your page.

Availability of social media icons

You should always provide social media icons on each page of your website. This helps users to find and connect with you on different social media platforms. Make sure that the links to other platforms are never hidden under labels like ‘About’.

You can mention them either in the header or footer section. This makes the process of engagement easy and more widespread. If you do not provide these icons, visitors may never come back.

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Focus on content

Content forms the core of your website. It plays an important role in attracting users. Make sure that your content is unique and genuine. It should be easy to understand and informative enough.  It should be written beautifully so that it becomes more appealing to the audience.

You should tell users what you are going to offer them. It should drive them to action. The more engaging the content will be, more are the chances of your brand’s success.

Provide a reason to prefer your brand over others

One of the most commonly asked questions that you can face too is that ‘why’ should anyone prefer your products over others. Tell them why you are special and different from others. You should give them a reason to engage with you. Try to maintain your originality and bring in more innovative ideas to allure them.

Offer the best quality products to gain their trust. Never plagiarize even a bit of your content. Unique and impressive content always brings back your customers to your site.

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All the above-mentioned elements of web designing should be kept in mind while thinking of promoting your brand. The web design of your website should not miss any of these key elements. These features are the key to your business’s growth. Once you have grabbed a hold of these, it will not be difficult then to attain new heights.

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