Why Getting A Pet Dog Can Be Good For Your Overall Health and Welfare

Most people like dogs, and appreciate that they are faithful friends. Once people have them, they become a part of the family. Every person in the household then develops a personal relationship with the animal.

Dogs simply need food, water, exercise, and affection, in addition to a trusted vet and dog insurance through companies like Bivvy. They can be sociable creatures, consistently displaying unconditional love. There are a host of benefits for anyone who chooses to own a dog. Let’s look at a few right now.

They Can Provide Emotional Support

ESA’s or Emotional Support Animals are becoming increasingly common. If someone receives strength and comfort through owning one, particularly if they have psychological issues, they can claim certain benefits. According to the professionals from certapet.com landlords are breaking the law if they refuse tenancy to someone on the basis of their disability alone. Anyone who has obtained an ESA letter from a licensed professional should be able to live in a flat with their animal, even if there is a ‘no pets’ policy in place. This includes dogs, provided they are not classed as breeds that are dangerous to other humans.

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People Are Forced To Exercise More

Going to the gym regularly might literally feel like a treadmill to some. People who walk their dogs don’t necessarily realize they are taking exercise. They simply view that their pet requires a daily walk. Different species require different amounts of exercise, but there are real benefits when someone has to walk at a moderate speed for half an hour every day. The CDC revealed that 80% of Americans are not taking this recommended amount of exercise. Dogs help us be disciplined. In turn, we become fitter, and more likely to do other sports and outdoor activities as a result. It’s a great way to lose weight because even playing with a dog is an active exercise. Think of it: the chances of regretting such a decision are almost non-existent unless some else opposes it. Find by clicking this link a reason to convince anyone that getting a puppy is not a bad idea but a great step to take.

We Increase Our Social Connection

When people become pregnant a whole world opens up to them, including experienced mums. It’s the same when a person owns a dog. They meet the vet and other people at dog training classes. Dogs can be great ice breakers and talking points. On daily walks, they can be great conversation generators with strangers. Self-conscious people will be glad to focus the attention on something other than themselves.

We lose feelings of loneliness and isolation through our connection with others. Interestingly, people who own dogs do not feel that they are living alone.

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Dog Owners Are Happier and Less Stressed

Stroking a cat or dog can be good for us psychologically. People at risk of depression are likely to possess low dopamine levels. When someone plays with a dog and gives it attention for anything from five to twenty-five minutes, they experience an increase in the dopamine levels in their brain. This is like a natural ‘happy pill’ because it works like a drug.

The petting activity also affects our levels of glucocorticoid, which is a stress hormone. Many people feel more relaxed at work if they have ‘own clothes day’. Dogs can have the same effect. Kind employers who can cope with having a dog on the premises will reap the benefits of a happy staff. The owner will be more inclined to leave their desk at lunchtime, especially when the dog needs a toilet break or walk.

They Help With Pain Relief

Any child with a chronic condition who receives regular medical treatment will benefit from having a family dog. We have just mentioned spending time playing with our dogs. This increases our levels of oxytocin and beta-endorphins. These chemicals act as natural pain relievers.

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People Are Less Likely To Develop Certain Conditions

It’s interesting to know that kids who own a dog have been found to have less sick days off school. When they come home from school with germs they have caught from others, it can make them ill. It’s the same with the germs that a dog carries. Each time someone is unwell as a result, their resistance to these conditions will build up. Scientific evidence supports the statement that owning a dog can improve our immune system.

Scientists discovered in 2011 that children are less likely to have eczema if there is a family dog. These findings were published in the Journal of Pediatrics. Any baby exposed to a dog before it reaches six months will have less likelihood of developing asthma or allergies. Statistics have also confirmed that there can be reduced instances of ear infections and respiratory conditions if there is a dog present.

Benefits As People Grow Older

As people age, it becomes more and more important that they have good blood pressure and a healthy resting place for their heart rate. In turn, this reduces the chances of having heart conditions, strokes, or blood clots.

Owning a dog can have a direct impact on this. It can also mean people have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  Owning a dog can help people live longer. Even if they have a heart attack, their chances of recovery will be greater if they are a dog owner.

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Dementia, Alzheimer’s and PTSD

Just as some alternative medicines have entered the world of mainstream treatment, animal-based therapy has gained ground within dementia care. When it comes to Alzheimer’s, the person’s senses are affected one by one. The last sense to suffer is touch. Sufferers can enjoy petting the dog and feel soothed and comforted as a result. The additional benefit of having dogs around is that these patients will have fewer outbursts of frustration and aggression.

Dogs can help people who have experienced trauma and bereavement. This even extends to those who suffer from PTSD in their lives. The person may be battling sleep loss, panic attacks, and exaggerated reactions. In owning a dog they will discover a faithful friend who they can trust. A sense of love can replace the numbness of trauma, and it can be easier to live in the moment.

Dogs are wonderful creatures who give love on a daily basis. They can help us emotionally and motivate us to exercise. People can be happier, healthier, and less stressed as a result. They can aid our recovery from illness. Dogs can increase our social connection, reduce loneliness, and even extend our lives. They are truly a man’s best friend, being faithful and sociable.

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