7 Tips To Protect Yourself and Others During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world in a matter of months and changed many lives forever. It is a vicious illness that has affected millions of people and their families from all over the world. Although there is yet to be a vaccine or a cure for the virus, people have been doing their best to take caution and escape the risk of infection wherever they go. Governments have put many rules in place to minimize the spread of the infection and help tackle down the Coronavirus quickly with minimal fatalities. You can also help yourself and your family by following some of these tips in order to protect yourself and everyone around you during the pandemic period.

1. Follow Social Distancing Rules

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It goes without saying that when it comes to avoiding any kind of contagious disease, the key first step to take is avoiding being in any place where you could be subjected to a risk of infection. To protect yourself, and in turn, others, from being infected with the coronavirus, you should abide by the social distancing rules where you only go out in public areas when you absolutely need to and keep your distance from any crowds. You should try to minimize any human interactions with those outside your household so that you can restrict the risk of getting infected.

2. Wash Hands Regularly

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The Coronavirus can be deadly in some cases, However, it is a fairly weak virus in the face of hygienic products. The experts at totallypure.com believe that washing your hands regularly and keeping a family-sized 1 gallon liquid hand sanitizer handy around your household can go a long way in fighting Corona. Remember to try your best to avoid your hands touching your face or any surfaces in public, even if you are sure you have washed your hands, as you never know what you could have picked up at any moment. Try to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds at a time and do it as regularly as possible.

3. Wear Face Mask

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Your mouth and nose are the gateways to Coronavirus. If you already have the virus then you might spread it around by simply breathing near other people, and if you do not have it, then you could catch it by being unprotected around people who are breathing the same air you are. Wearing a face mask can protect you and minimize the risk of you breathing in or letting out the virus so that you and everyone around you are safe. Make sure you do not keep touching the mask or removing it in public with your bare hand as you could end up risking your health even further by contaminating the mask.

4. Cover Coughs and Sneezes

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Many people cough and sneeze without being sick. It could be a result of allergies or even the common cold. However, since coughing and sneezing can be signs of the virus and can easily spread many germs, you should always cover your coughs and sneezes. Try to make it a habit to cough or sneeze in a napkin, whether you are in public or not. If you cannot find a napkin or tissue nearby, then make sure you bend your elbow and cough or sneeze right in there. This way, you would eliminate the spreading of droplets that could be carrying with them the deadly virus.

5. Clean Products and Surfaces

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When you are out buying products for your daily needs, you do not know how many hands have previously touched the products and whether or not everyone is as cautious and sanitized as you would want them to be. That is why wherever possible, you should try to clean any products you purchase thoroughly before using or if they are dry products, leave them untouched for at least 24 hours as the virus does not live that long on surfaces. Make sure you also regularly clean any surfaces you have in your home along with floors or any place that could play host to the virus. Normal soap and water should do the trick, just make sure you clean vigorously and wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

6. Monitor Your Health Closely

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Coronavirus symptoms are very similar to those of the common cold. Some people have very mild symptoms while others could be faced with more severe symptoms that leave them longing for some air. If you think you have mild symptoms, then make sure you monitor all your symptoms closely and write everything down so that you can decide on whether or not it might be wise to contact health services and alert them to your condition. You could just be having a cold or the flu, but in case it is the Coronavirus, you do not want to mistake its symptoms and end up risking your health as well as the health of others around you.

7. Isolate If Necessary

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If you find yourself having symptoms that could point to Coronavirus, then the best course of action to take to protect yourself as well as others would be to self-isolate for at least 14 days. The same thing goes if you find out that you have been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for the virus, even if you do not show any symptoms. It has been proven that many people could be carriers of the virus without actually ever showing any symptoms. So remember to isolate if necessary as it would be better to be safe than sorry in such circumstances.

Protecting yourself and others from the Coronavirus can be done easily if you abide by the health and safety rules set by health authorities worldwide. This virus loves gatherings, so by making sure you avoid crowds, follow social distancing rules, and keep your distance when interacting with anyone in public, you should be safe. Remember that hygiene and cleanliness of the surroundings could save your life during the Coronavirus pandemic so always sanitize and make sure everything you touch has been cleaned thoroughly with soap and water.

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