7 Natural Ways To Treat Anxiety

Whether we like it or not, anxiety is an inseparable part of our life. It’s absolutely normal to feel anxious about starting a new job or giving a speech in front of a large audience, this odd and unpleasant feeling just comes and goes. However, if your fears and worries get excessive, last too long, and interfere with your daily activities, you can’t leave them without attention as they can develop into an anxiety disorder.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to solve the problem at the very outset and avoid medication treatment. Often several lifestyle changes are enough to overcome the challenge, letting you again enjoy every moment of your life. What’s more, mother nature is still unbeatable when it comes to delivering safe yet incredibly effective remedies to cure various mental conditions.

Here are 7 natural ways to treat anxiety and get back on track.

1. Stay Active

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Physical activity is a great way to kick start your day and boost your mood. Given that anxiety is a natural response of your body to stress, regular exercise makes perfect sense as it increases the level of endorphins that reduce stress. It doesn’t matter what type of activity you choose, it could be anything – fitness, hiking, cycling, or dancing – the point is it should make you happy.

When thinking about your future activity, it is very important to opt for something that suits your current physical condition and abilities or, otherwise, you will get another source of stress instead of help. Another crucial thing is to select an activity that you can do regularly without wasting too much time on commuting, hence look for options available in your neighborhood.

2. Get Enough Sleep

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The importance of quality sleep for emotional balance and a strong immune system is hard to overestimate. While according to multiple studies, the average adult needs between seven and nine hours of sleep, the great bulk of people never get it, quickly becoming sleep deprived.

The length of your sleep is not the only crucial factor, the time you go to bed does matter as well. Due to an array of scientifically confirmed reasons, if you want to make the best of your eight hours of sleep, you need to be in bed no later than 11 p.m. Also, make sure to exclude screens and bright light at least one hour before bed for even better results. If you are one of those who hardly go to bed before 1 a.m., it’s time to start developing a new healthy sleep routine – the benefits won’t take long to show up.

3. Eat Healthy Foods that Work For You

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It would be great to have a superfood or a kind of magic product at your fingertips, but the reality is different. Healthy eating is not a modern trend, it is a lifestyle, a set of rules you follow 24/7 day after day. Again, do not go to extremes – it is fine if your friend can live on raw veggies, but it doesn’t mean you should settle for carrots and cucumbers and starve yourself just to blindly follow somebody else. However, it is essential to avoid processed food at any cost. Take advantage of fruits, whole grains, fatty fish, and do not forget about dark chocolate – a wondrous treat that is good for your brain, heart, and, what’s the most important, mood!

4. Enjoy The Power Of Herbs

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The benefits of herbs are something that nobody denies, hence no wonder, many of them have been studied as a treatment of anxiety. For instance, a cup of camomile tea is a common home all-purpose remedy while valerian root is another widely-used ingredient of various supplements intended to calm frayed nerves. Just a heads up, valerian should be taken with care as it may lead to depression if consumed in high doses.

Perhaps not so well-known to the general public as chamomile or valerian, kratom is one more plant that recently came into the limelight. Many patients with symptoms of anxiety swear that this exotic plant helps them manage stress and feel more relaxed. Experts from Kratom Connect believe that the reported effects felt by users can find their origins in the primary active alkaloid present in kratom, known as mitragynine. In addition to that, it also can increase mood, sociability, and alertness, as well as reduced chronic pain and bring a range of other health benefits.

5. Go Out With Friends

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Human beings are social creatures and despite what you may think at this moment, going out with your friends is a great idea. Do not make excuses explaining why you are not able to join the party and do not be angry at other people just because you feel a sudden rush of fear. If you are not yet ready to tap into the festive atmosphere of a nightclub, invite your friend to chat in a quieter place where you feel at home.

6. Practice Deep Breathing

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Taking a deep breath is often the best thing you can do to fight anxiety. Shallow and fast breathing is common with anxiety, it causes a fast heart rate and dizziness, or even can trigger a panic attack. There is a set of special deep breathing techniques created to help alleviate symptoms and start you feeling better.

It’s a good idea to start with breathing exercises as soon as possible because you will need a certain time to master your skills. The range of techniques is pretty wide and not all of them are super easy to put into practice. Start with trying to lengthen your exhale, then learn the correct abdomen, resonant, and equal breathing. When you feel ready, you can switch to a bit more complicated Lion’s breath and famous pranayama.

7. Stop Smoking

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Smoking is not only bad for your lungs, but it is also harmful to your entire body, negatively affecting the brain, immune system, and heart. While the great bulk of smokers reach for a cigarette during stressful periods, it’s the worst thing they can actually do. This quick fix of a current problem will worsen anxiety, in the long run, making it much harder to fight the disorder later. If you are still smoking, it’s time to quit right now.

Anxiety is frustrating, but it is possible to win the fight with a drug-free approach. Instead of letting stress control your life, use these 7 natural ways to treat anxiety and put your feelings under control. The best time to start? Today!

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