How to Recover from Injuries After a Car Crash

Car accidents can be very stressful, all the more so, the physical and emotional trauma often stay for a long time. Many people find coping with the aftermath of a car crash even more challenging and frustrating than the wreck itself, which is no wonder given that besides trying to recover from injuries they also have to deal with a clear lack of understanding by insurance companies and other authorities.

First things first and, of course, immediately after the accident, it is important to focus on your health and make sure to get appropriate medical treatment. However, everything that you do directly following the crash will have the biggest impact on the outcome of the entire process including your recovery.

Fortunately, there are ways not only to shorten the healing times to get back to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible but also to make the whole process stress- and hassle-free. Here is how to recover from injuries after a car crash.

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Access Your Injuries

Even innocuous at first glance minor collisions can be very traumatic, therefore do not underestimate their eventual consequences.  You might feel perfectly fine right after the accident but it is not a good reason to assume you’re not hurt – many injuries may take hours or days to manifest symptoms. In line with this, it is not wise to tell the police or your insurance company that you’re not injured as it’d be much harder to make them believe the opposite later.

Never refuse or delay medical help as whatever the circumstances, it is better to be safe than sorry. Regardless of whether you are feeling pain or not, do not hesitate to visit your doctor and tell him about the accident that happened as soon as possible. In the case, you suffer from anxiety, restlessness, or feel a bit jittery, you will need a few days to relax and let your body have the opportunity to heal from the trauma. It means you will have to stay home from work, no exceptions.


Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Many people would gladly consult with a doctor but hardly follow all the recommendations they get from him. Why? Well, the range of reasons may vary greatly from one person to another but, as a rule, we just tend to think that doctors are inclined to exaggerate. The great bulk of patients sincerely believe nobody can understand their needs as good as themselves, and as soon as they start feeling better, they quit with prescribed therapy or recommended exercises.

However, such a thoughtless behavior can not only postpone your final recovery but also seriously weaken your case. Do not forget that a car accident is a complicated story, and if you want your lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve, you simply can’t afford to fail to strictly follow your doctor’s advice. Keep in mind that all the medical documentation created by your doctor will be used to show the insurance company or the court the severity of your injuries.

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Stay Active

Even if you feel like being perfectly able to jump back to your normal sports activities or exercise routine, do not do it as you risk to worsen your injuries and significantly prolong the time of healing. This is not to say, you have to crawl over your sofa and watch TV the whole day without moving a finger.  Quite on the contrary, your body needs physical activity but you have to begin with it slowly in order to avoid greater damage. After consulting with your doctor, start with the basic stretching to keep your muscles toned and ligaments sound. It is hard to say when you will be ready to switch to more involved exercises or pay a visit to your favorite gym as it mainly depends on the type and extent of your injury. Still, you have plenty of reasons to be optimistic, of course, if you follow your doctor’s advice.


Eat Healthy Food

As simple as it may seem, a healthy diet is a very important element of the whole plot. To speed up the process, take advantage of foods that can cater to your body the extra nutrition it needs to repair itself. For instance, fresh fruits and vegetables are great for reducing inflammation while chicken and fish are great helpers when it comes to rebuilding muscles.

Avoid any processed food and stick with natural ingredients. In addition to that, do not forget to drink plenty of water as any traumatic injury makes your body dehydrate faster than usual. It uses extra water to assist with the healing process by reducing inflammation and replacing damaged cells with new ones.

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Let Insurance Pay Your Expenses

Regardless of whether people are injured in low- or high- velocity impacts, they often need professional medical help for weeks after the incident and that can cost a heck of a lot of money.

Of course, all drivers have to be insured but unfortunately, when it comes to payouts, insurance companies do not rush to offer fair compensations. Car accident experts from explain that stress and anxiety triggered by a car crash often force people to settle for a much lower sum of money that they paid for their medical bills. Trying to focus on the quickest possible recovery, they simply do not have enough energy to waste on bureaucracy and never-ending negotiations.

However, if a person fails to recover in full all the damages that usually go far beyond just medical bills, chances are he or she will face serious financial constraints, and, as a result, even more, stressful experience. That’s why it is important to fight for the fair compensation you deserve.

Even the most careful drivers can get involved in an accident because others do not follow the rules of the road. While we sincerely hope that you will never need this advice, now you know what to do if you want to recover from injuries after a car crash as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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