How To Remember And Honor Your Loved One’s Memory

There are multiple ways with which you can commemorate your loved ones. Sometimes, it can be difficult to let go of them, so the next best thing you can do is to find methods that can help you carry their memories along with you. Whether you’ll be celebrating how special that person is or are simply trying not to forget the memories of the good time you spent together, the methods that we mention here are going to help you to a great extent. So, continue reading this following guide to find how you can do this.

Celebrate Their Birthday

The first birthday of your loved one’s death can be a very painful thing to go through, but it is still important to celebrate this time to honor their memory. Their birthday is an opportunity given to you every year to be thankful for their existence and their positive influence on you. It will also bring good memories you shared along with that person. To not feel lonely at this time, make sure to invite friends and family to your loved one’s birthday party.


A Memorial Video or a Memory Box

Unfortunately, memories fade over time. With no pictures or videos to help you remember their little details, these memories will eventually fade away. To prevent that from happening, you can make a memorial video. Compile all videos of your loved one in one place and, with your video editing skills, make one big memorial video with nice filters and soundtracks. If you can’t do that on your own, make sure to call a friend or family member who can do that for you.

Creating a memory box of a deceased loved one is another helpful activity, especially for young children. A memory box should include items that were dear to your loved one or any items that were frequently touched by that person.

Invest in Urns

Cremation urns are not a financial investment, but rather an emotional one. They are an excellent way to memorialize your loved one and keep their ashes nearby. Cremation urns are usually the best way to safeguard your loved one’s ashes. With the different shapes and sizes that cremation urns come in, you will be tempted to use one for that cremated person. If you click here, you will find that there are two types of urns: cremation urns, are made of various materials, such as metal and wood, and Keepsake urns, which are typically small, so you can keep a small amount of your loved one’s ashes close to you. However, if you want to create the perfect memorial for your loved one, you should invest in a cremation urn.


A Dinner in Their Honor

If you don’t feel like throwing a birthday party for your deceased loved one, you can still host a dinner in their honor. Dinners are an excellent way to gather a group of friends and family, who all loved and cared for your loved one, in one place. Your loved one would’ve surely found these dinners a lovely gesture, so make sure that you host these dinners either at your house or at that person’s favorite restaurant. If you choose to host a dinner at your house, you can make up a menu of your loved one’s favorite dishes. This will help unify the people at dinner and encourage them to share memories of that person.

Visit Special Places

If you had a close relationship with your loved one, then you surely had special places which you enjoyed going to together. Whether it is a bookstore, a coffee shop, a state park, or a vacation destination, you can go to these places and enjoy them as much as you did with your loved one. A good way of recuperating from the pain of losing them is writing letters for them each time you visit these places, reminding them of memories of the time you spent together and telling them how much you miss them. Unless you feel like this might desecrate their memories, you can take someone else along on these visits so they can provide you some sort of consolation.

Source: Funeral Basics

Make Their Favorite Meal

As we mentioned earlier, you can make your loved one’s favorite meal to honor their memory. You can either host dinners in which you serve their favorite meals, or you can simply cook their one favorite meal from time to time to remember them. It is a fact that the sense of smell can remind us of special times, so cooking your loved one’s favorite meals can have this positive effect as well. By simply catching on the delicious aroma of their favorite food, you can remember a special time in which they expressed their love to you.

Have a Movie Night

Another way you can honor someone’s memory is by having a movie night in which you watch all their favorite movies. It is really easy to collect all the movies that your loved one appreciated before and set up a movie night to watch them again. This will bring back memories of a happy time in which you discussed these movies together. Watching a certain scene in a movie might even remind you of how they laughed at that particular part of the movie or how they reacted to a shocking plot twist.


Custom Marker for Their Burial Site

You can add an engraved marker to the burial site of your loved one. If you have a particular line or a message that specifically reminds you of your loved one, you can make use of custom markers to engrave this message on their burial site. However, make sure that these comply with the cemetery’s requirements.

The death of a loved one is truly painful. If you don’t find a proper way to vent off this pain, it might take you several years to fully recover. However, you should keep in mind that death won’t keep you from continuing loving that person. Thus, you must express that love by sharing memories of that person with others and honoring them in all the ways you can.

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