Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) Review

Hardware & Performance:

Moto G initiated Snapdragon 400 processors for mediocre smartphones and lately was adopted by almost all smartphone companies. Once again Motorola has introduced its smartphone horsing on same Snapdragon 400 chipset with configuration of quad-core 1.2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM and Adreno 305GPU. Moto G proved to be the best in performance with these configurations so same configuration is carried forward in new Moto G. Configuration is same compare to Moto G but performance of new Moto G is much better compare to its predecessor. Multi-core or multi-tasking apps on your device are tackled easily and much smoothly on new Moto G.

Another great advancement made by Motorola for new Moto G is ability to increase internal memory with the help of microSD card. Now increase your storage up to 32GB and forget the issue of low storage capacity. MicroSD slot and Dual-SIM slot is given under back panel of smartphone.

Camera Quality:

Camera is also improved in new Moto G; now capture more stunning images with help of 8MP camera shooter. Upgrade of megapixels is great news for new Moto G but when we talk about UI of camera it falls short of settings. It has very minimal settings to capture good images and all we have to depend upon the autofocus mode of the camera. HDR mode helps a lot to capture good images but results in color washouts. Camera is capable of shooting videos at 720p resolution and front camera is capable of shooting normal video and selfie of front camera come little blur. Camera performance of new Moto G can be said as mediocre.

Battery Life:

New Moto G is given with 2,070mAh battery which can be said that battery is not up to the current battery capacity standards. Endurance of battery is good and last for long hours even if you stress your smartphone with running heavy applications like video or browsing internet. Battery strength should have increased little bit to pressurize the market competition but overall battery provided is good.


New Moto G is good in terms of hardware specs and features but when compared to the rivals it lacks behind in each and every term. New Moto G has same hardware configuration like its predecessors but was not able to justify why Motorola decided to go with same configuration. Performance of both Moto G is same but difference is display properties, improved camera features and most importantly expandable memory slot. Compare to Xiaomi Redmi 1S and Zenfone 5 properties and features of new Moto G are not up to the mark. All we can say that phone is upgraded but upgrade is not worth compare to other rivals with same price segment.

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