How Often Should You Use a Face Mask – 2024 Guide

The year 2024 has truly been a fascinating one so far, and not in a good way. The human society has never before been met with so many different challenges and difficulties. The year started with devastating bushfires, there was a scare of a new world war, and then one of the greatest athletes to ever live, Kobe Bryant, passed away. All of these things happened within the first few months, which is also when the new virus was detected. After this, nothing has been the same and many believe that the outbreak of the coronavirus is going to be remembered as one of those world changing events in history that marked a new age and introduced new norms and practices.

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Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, caught the people far and wide with a shock and a surprise. Younger generations that have never faced anything similar did not know how to react, while the older people started to panic-buy groceries and overstock toilet paper. Things were uncertain as governments of first world, but as well as second and third world countries failed to recognize the threat levels and prepare for the impending pandemic that is still active. By definition, a pandemic is an epidemic that reaches multiple continents, and considering that there were cases of COVID-19 across the globe, it more than qualifies as one of the worst ever.

So far in the world, since the dawn of the virus, just under 40 million people have been infected with it. There have been over 1.1 million deaths worldwide and nearly 30 million people recovered and are now healthy. However, the second and the current, third wave of the virus brought new worries as there seems to be no end to the virus. There are countries that successfully combated all cases and are now on 0 new infections for months. However, some of the leading countries of the world are now registering more and more cases each day, despite the efforts and the prior fall in infections and deaths.

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Masks as the Best Solution

Since the earliest of reports, experts form the scientific and medical fields, as well as most of the world leaders and other knowledgeable people highly advised everyone to start wearing masks no matter where they go. Soon thereafter, people in countries other than Asia started to incorporate masks into their daily fashion choices, more out of the necessity in order to comply with the new laws and rules than to actually hide from the virus. There was not enough scare among people who mostly still believe that COVID-19 is just a slightly worse cold. This may be true for those who show no symptoms and for young people in their prime health, but older generations, people with preexisting ailments especially of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as infants are extremely prone to serious health issues if infected.

Masks were advised in order to prevent them from being infected by those who may carry the virus without realizing it. Nowadays, when you step out of your home, you will see more people wearing masks in some capacity that those without them. Even if they do not have it on their faces, best believe that it is on their person, in the pocket, the bag, around the neck, or around the arm. Everyone has at least one mask in each bag, in their car, and at work, with at least one fresh pack in the home storage. But are there actually any rules to wearing masks and how often should we use a mask? We will tackle this question below. If you wish to find out more about masks or perhaps order some new ones for yourself or your loved ones, make sure to visit Paragon tools.

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Mask Rules

Most countries advise wearing masks in all closed areas, meaning that you should have one at the ready to put on in supermarkets, banks, in waiting rooms, at school and faculty, and in the office. You do not have to wear one at home of course, nor should you wear a mask outside. While the virus is airborne, the chances of catching it out in the open simply because everyone else is outside are very low, that is unless you are grouped together with many other people at an open gathering. If you walk normally without approaching anyone, you do not have to wear a mask outside.

Although it seems pretty straightforward how we should wear a mask in order to protect ourselves and others around us, many people simply refuse to follow the basic guidelines. For example, there is no point in wearing a mask and not covering your nose. The virus spreads through the air and contact, and the two easiest ways for it to escape your body and attack somebody else is through the nose and through the mouth. Therefore, the masks cover these two facial features. It is virtually the same if you wear a mask only over your mouth and not wear it at all.

Secondly, there are different types of masks that protect against different types of molecules. Again, there is a good reason why surgical masks are the ones most people wear, and why experts advise against wearing construction masks and other varieties. Not all masks are able to contain the virus, which is why you should definitely go for an N95 mask. They offer the best protection and are not at all expensive.  Most pharmacies and hardware stores carry them anyway, especially nowadays. They can filter dust and other airborne particles, making them your best and safest option against COVID-19.

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The last thing that should be mentioned is how long one should wear a single mask. This depends on the type of mask. Cotton masks are washable and you can wear it a few times before you should wash it in the washing machine. Disposal surgical masks should only be worn once, especially if it is prolonged use of several hours. Dispose of them in the garbage accordingly after use. Some N95 masks can be worn a few times, after which you should throw them away as well. Common sense is the best judge of how often and how long you should wear a mask during these trying times. Think about yourself, others, and the environment you are in and stay safe out there until the pandemic is officially over.

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