Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening Products

Last year, people were planning their New Year’s trips, celebrations, without knowing that 2024 had different plans for all of us. As we can see from the current situation, our resolution lists don’t mean a lot today, when we are living the last two months of this pretty difficult year. Although we all did some list at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2024, no one had ever believed that we will be stuck in the worst world pandemic known in modern times. So, in order not to lose sight and not to let time fly us by, we change up our list of resolutions and make a new one, that is now appropriate for the current situation.

Along improving your home space, trying a different DIY project, diets, cooking recipes, and home workouts, basically, all the stuff that we didn’t do cause lack of free time, we can also take a look at our body, for example improving our hair care, skincare but also our teeth health and looks. You can find great tips on how to take care of yourself on websites as thebeastreviews, including tricks and recommendations for taking care of your dental health.

When it comes to teeth health and the appearance of our smile, we usually think about those shiny Hollywood smiles we can see when the popular actors smile. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t learn as kids how important is to maintain mouth hygiene, but our dynamic lifestyle and the consumption of some unhealthy foods, but also smoking and drinking alcohol do their fair share of damage.  And most of us start at this point with overthinking. What is the best method to improve your teeth, both health and shade? A common and very popular practice is the Teeth Whitening and all the ways you can practice it. Knowing crucial facts such as the teeth whitening pricing and the outcome from different treatments will help you decide.  In order to help you choose whether you are up for it or not, we prepared some pros and cons for you:

The benefits of whitening your teeth are mostly cosmetic. The confidence that often comes with a whiter smile is one of the main benefits of whitening your teeth. This procedure has no impact on the healthiness of your teeth. There are many ways to do this. Find below the most popular ones.

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1. Dental whitening

This is something that does not take much time, and it’s performed by professionals. It requires only one visit to your dentist, and the things are done in just a few hours. It’s a simple procedure of implicating a whitening gel used together with a UV lamp. The good thing about this is that it results in quick and effective results, but also it is performed with all necessary safety measures, especially during the pandemic, when we need to be cautious about our protection when it comes to the coronavirus. One of the biggest cons of this procedure is that it’s not very budget-friendly, since you will need to perform it again for two or three years.

2. Whitening mouthwash

Most people use mouthwash regularly, and now, you can choose the one that will make your smile appeal shinier. Although this is something that you have to do every day so you can have visible results, the good thing is that it won’t take a lot of time, so this is something that you don’t need to plan on, and won’t cost you too much. It will also help you if you have problems with bad breath, which may be pretty unpleasant in social situations. But, you can’t expect it to perform a miracle, and you will need to wait for the results for more than 10 weeks.

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3. Dental strips

These strips contain chemicals that react with our teeth when put over them, resulting in a brighter color, and removing the plaque, that may change the appearance of our smile. But, these strips may come with a lot of dangerous chemicals, and you must buy them carefully, or ask your dentist for a proper recommendation. The chemicals are strong, and instead of turning your teeth white, they may damage them, which will result in an even worse situation than before. So, be careful, and don’t go for cheap stuff.

4. Kits for home usage

This is a more complicated procedure compared to the mouth wash. Most of the kits come with a mouth tray, whitening gel, and an accelerator light. The light is attached to the mouth tray and has to be applied with gel and worn for 10-30 minutes a day for at least 7 days without any rest days in-between. This is the most professional way to whiten your teeth without visiting a dentist. Within about 10 times applying you can already reach even 10 shades difference comparing to the starting shade. Also, it is a way cheaper treatment than the dentist visit. Be aware that teeth that have dark grey or brown shades (basically dark shades) cannot get the same results as the bright ones.

Source: Go Smile

5. Risk and side effects

All the procedures can affect some side effects. For example, the ones including alcohol, like most mouthwashes, can affect an irritation. Some studies show that these irritations are usually caused by ill-fitting whitening trays, but the good part is that the indifference and the tissue irritation mostly disappear within one to three days after completing the treatment. In order to avoid maximum risk and side effects, please have in mind not to use this kind of product and procedures if you have fillings, crowns, and caps and possibly won’t work for discoloration that is brown, gray, or caused by injury or medication.  It is also very important to read all the written on the package and follow all the instructions before and after usage.

Have in mind, that this is a medical issue and you have to be careful by choosing whether or not to start and if so, which option you will choose.

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