Motorola Moto 360 Review


Design and display are the major strength of Moto 360 but to be a successful wearable it should also be stuffed with ample of features. Google UI is simple and effective as it is very simple to view the notifications of email, Facebook and Twitter. Notification pops up on the display and allows you to access that notification. Compare to our smartphones it is hard to ignore the notifications on your watch. Voice command is effective and it captures commands like ‘Navigate’ to get directions and “Call a Car” to request left ride quite easily and responds quickly.

Motorola Connect app is also included which helps to track your heart rate with the help of in-build pedometer. Moto 360 also has heart rate sensor situated underneath of the watch. Heart rate monitor also helps to track your daily activity and shows result in three categories: “Active, Inactive and Vigorous”. Moto 360 has good health app included in it.

Battery life & Performance:

Battery of Moto 360 is given with 300mAh strength and this tiny battery can withhold the watch for all day long with minimal operations. If you are activating health app and if brightness is full with ambient screen settings off then battery will drain up soon. If you are more in social network then frequent viewing of notification will eat up battery soon and will result in poor battery performance. Standby time of Moto 360 is not up to the mark compare to LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.

Moto 360

To extract best performance with Moto 360, it is powered with TI OMAP3630 processor which is comparatively old processor but still it outputs smooth and fast performance. Easily navigate between notifications, access menu and scroll messages smoothly without any glitch or lag in performance.


Moto 360 is stylish, comfortable and premium build wearable in the market and has direct competition with just two rivals LG and Samsung. Moto has won the design section battle from both the rivals but as per the news soon rivals will come up with their circular design watch in the market. LG and Samsung are both trying best to produce circular watch with more features included. In order to retain the market Moto need to captivate more features and advancement.

Display of Moto 360 is good with ambient screen settings which is an added advantage for any watch. Wireless charging is smart move by Moto 360 resulting in no port holes in watch for connectivity. Health apps features heart rate sensor and pedometer works well and assist genuinely. Only problem with Moto 360 is poor battery life which should be improved by Moto.

Above all it is priced heavily as leather strap Moto 360 is of 250$ whereas with metal band it comes with 299$, all we can say is great looks come with heavy pricing.

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