5 Common Problems with Vape Pens and How to Fix Them

The use of a vaping pen is better than smoking cigarettes. But it does not mean that it is healthy for us. If you want to get rid of smoking, then it is better to start vaping. Generally, people buy vape pens to get an amazing experience in different flavors.

Sometimes, this device creates problems, and people get fed up. Read more to get the best-quality vape pens at an affordable price. In the following write-up, we will consider five common problems that every vape pen user may face. There are various solutions to fix them, and you must go through them to get a better idea.

There is nothing in the world that you cannot solve. You must have enough patience to take care of the device and use it well. Let us discuss those problems and solutions in detail.

The Battery of the Vape Pen is Not Working Well

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A damaged battery in the vaping device is a common and worst problem you may get when you buy it. But you need not have to worry about it. The battery does not work well anytime when you hold the device for vaping. What matters is how you deal with this problem. Make sure that you do the following things.
Check Whether Your Vape Pen is Switched Off: Like common electronic devices, there is a Switch on and off button. You must check the instruction manual to know the right method to switch it on and off.

Usually, when you press the button many times, it will turn off automatically. You have to remember whether you had done this before to get rid of it for some time and focus on your work.

  • Flat Battery: You have to check the type of battery in a vape pen. If it is flat, then you have to charge it as per the instruction. There is no doubt that the batteries last longer, but if you charge or discharge it without any knowledge, then it can damage easily.
  • Connection Cleaning: There is a small connection between the tank and the battery. You have to check whether it is dirty or not. If it is dirty, then it means that your battery is heating the vape juice. It is important to remove the battery and clean it thoroughly with the help of cotton cloth. Now, install the battery and try it once again.
  • Get a New Battery: In some devices, the batteries are not of good quality and hence, you have to replace them with the new one.

Empty Atomizer Displayed on the Screen

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If you get such a message on the screen, then it is better to check and do the following things:

  • Crooked Tank: The reason behind the crooked tank is when you take it along while traveling. Due to the lack of connection, it displays an error message. If you do not see any correction, then you have to buy another tank.
  • Check the Status of Coil: Check whether the coil is loose or a clogging connection to vape juice. You must clean it to display the right message on the screen.
  • Over-tight Tank: Make sure that the tank is not over-tight. It can cause various problems like cross-threading and weak internal connections.
  • Replacement of Coil: If you are getting the message continuously, then you might have to change the coil.

No Draw from the Vape Pen

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Suppose you want to take a quick vaping session and find out that there is no draw from it. Well, it is quite disappointing, but you should do a few things to get rid of it.

  • Check Whether the Device is Switched On: There is no drawing without any power. You have to check whether the vape pen is properly switched on or not. Sometimes, you do not realize that you might have switched it off. You must check the instructions of the device.
  • Battery Status: You need to check whether the battery is completely charged or not. If it lacks a battery, then you should immediately charge it.
  • Tank Status: There is an automatic shut off whenever the level of the tank juice falls. You need to check it and refill it if required.
  • Change the Dud Coil: If nothing works, then you have to change the dud coil.

Getting Gurgling Sound

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It is another common issue that many vapers face. The gurgling sound seems weird, and you can do the following things to correct it.

  • Device Flicking: You need to flick the vape pen to remove bubbles collected in it. You can listen to this sound only when the vape is not freely flowing.
  • No Tank Overfilling: Make sure that you do not overfill the tank because it can make weird sounds.
  • Cleaning the Tank: Any debris in the tank must be cleaned to eliminate the sound of gurgling. It prevents the smooth flow of vape juice from the tank.
  • Draw in a Relax Way: If you are drawing the vapes hardly, you must slow down and do it in a relaxed way. You will not listen to weird sounds anymore.

Presence of Vape Juice While Vaping

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If you are getting such a problem, then do the following things:

  • Prevent Overheating of Device: If you are out in the sun for long hours, your device may get overheat. It makes the liquid thin, which causes this problem. Use it later when it comes to normal temperature.
  • Replacement of Coils: You need to replace the coil if you want results instantly.
  • Check Your E-liquid: The e-liquid must be thick so that it does not leak from the low-resistance coil. Make sure you check the type of e-liquid in your device.
  • Tank Needs to be Emptied: If you have taken any flight recently, you need to empty the tank’s vape juice.

The Bottom Line

When you start vaping, you may encounter the above-listed five common problems. But you should not panic and do all the mentioned measures to get rid of those problems. You can save your money only when you know the fault and solutions to eliminate them.

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