How to Fix Instagram Story Not Posting

It happens many times that a user faces a situation where his or her Instagram story get stuck because of a network error or a system error. Many times it has been seen and reported by several users on Instagram. Users are very confused regarding the appropriate cause of their Instagram story not posting. To fix this issue, we have collected five best methods in which you Can fix this issue permanently. You won’t be able to face this problem again ever. Just follow these simple methods which are mentioned below in the article.

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Method 1: Enable Airplane mode

A network problem is the major causes in the interruption of Instagram posting. For any uploading of the data, strong network connectivity is required to upload the data On continuous mode.

If the connectivity is weak then there are chances that it would lose the internet connection and then your Instagram story will not be able to post. To get rid of this situation I found a solution on Trick Craze,  where you have to perform an inbuilt option present on your mobile phone which is known as Airplane Mode.

Turning on Airplane Mode will reboot your network connectivity and hence will be able to establish a strong network connection again. Once your connection will restart again, you Can try posting your Instagram story again.

It is advisable that you restart your Instagram application and then try to upload your story. Some chances restarting your Instagram application and rebooting your network connection will help you to resolve the issue. After performing this task, she will not be able to face the issue of the Instagram story not posting again. You have to perform the task carefully so that the phone can reboot the network connection again.

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Method 2: Change the network

Many network companies promise to deliver strong network connectivity in remote areas. But the reality is not the same.

Many networks are unable to deliver strong network connectivity in the highly crowded area because there is a situation where most of the people are using the same network and hence the bandwidth cannot handle so many users at a single time.

The situation of slow network connectivity arises when people start getting annoyed. In results, people are unable to perform their daily tasks and enter networks. To get rid of the situation, two options are remaining with you. Either you shift your place from Highly crowded area to less crowded area or if you cannot do this then you have to change your network connectivity.

Try to use that connection which is providing a strong network in your area. Try to have a conversation with the other people residing in your area then you will be able to find the best network connection suitable for you. As you will get a strong network connection then you’ll be able to perform your Instagram activities fast and smoothly with good network connection in your phone.

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Method 3: clear app data and cache

The books and the cache In your Instagram application are also responsible for the failure of uploading Instagram story. These are the kind of bugs which do not allow to perform tasks or activities in the Instagram application smoothly. Once you delete this data, you will be able to run your Instagram application smoothly. So, this is a very simple method which can be performed in simple steps. Follow the steps mentioned below correctly to delete the app data and cache permanently.

Step 1: Go to the settings menu where you will be able to find the Application manager in the List.

Step 2: in the application manager you’ll be able to find the Instagram application which you are provided with two options of storage and app data.

Step 3: Here you have to delete all the stored data and clear the cache So that you will be able to run the Instagram application smooth and fast. Once you delete this, you will experience an immediate change in the speed and processing of the Instagram application. This will also solve your issue of the Instagram story not posting permanently.

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Method 4: Update the Application

It has been seen many times that the outdated version is unable to run on the new platform. All the activities running on the Instagram platform are done by the latest version and hence they connect a very good connection between the user and the platform.

If you have the outdated version of the Instagram application in your phone then you will face some difficulties in running your Instagram application. You will find that some of the user interfaces are not supporting in your phone and you are facing difficulty in accessing them. To get rid of the situation, you need to update the application to the newest version.

After installing the latest version, you will be able to access all the features of Instagram Hopefully you will not face this situation of your Instagram story not posting again. Updating your application Will improve all the application error which are causing slow processing of your application in your phone and fix the bugs which are responsible for the stuck of uploading your data on the platform.

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Method 5: Reinstall the application

Anything mentioned above matter is not working for you, then you need to reinstall the whole Instagram application again on your phone.

Once you have to delete the pre-installed Instagram application from your phone and then you need to download it from the store. After downloading successfully the application, you need to install it correctly so that all the functions and features of the Instagram applications can work smoothly and fast on your phone.

After reinstalling the application, you will be able to experience fast processing and better uploading and downloading speed in the application. You will also able to find that internet connectivity is utilised better than before. In this way, you will be able to fix the issue of the Instagram story not posting.


The above-mentioned method is correctly identified as the appropriate methods which can be used to fix the issue of the Instagram story not posting. All the users are following the same pattern to get rid of this issue and hence you are also advised to follow the same.

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