6 Delicious Christmas Recipes You Can Use All Year Round

December is the most magical month of the year, we all gladly say goodbye to the old and welcome the new year with wishes to be better and more successful. But before that celebration, one awaits us – Christmas. This holiday is a favorite all over the world. The first associations on Christmas are fairytale-decorated streets and homes, bustling footsteps of smiling people looking for perfect gifts for their loved ones, snow falling and bringing joy to children, and perhaps most importantly – a family table rich in many traditional dishes.

The dishes vary from country to country, but there are still many that are the same. What is interesting is that most of these dishes are prepared only for this holiday, so we eagerly await them throughout the year. But why not make one of them during the hot summer days?

1. Apple pie

Source: Land O’Lakes

Yes, we know that the smell of cinnamon and apples reminds you of winter and the fire that crackles from the fireplace, but this is something you can save all year round. If you add a scoop of ice cream to a slice of this delicious pie, you will get a real, summer dessert.

2. Banana bread

Source: JoyofBaking.com

Banana bread began to be mentioned in American cookbooks in the 1930s, at a time when the use of baking soda and baking powder was popularizing. Due to the speed with which you can put it together and the fact that it is a great destination for overripe bananas, it has become a favorite as a dessert or breakfast. Nuts, various fruits (raspberries, blueberries, grated apple), carrots, chocolate are often added to it… Cream cheese can be one of its layers, and it can also be spread on sliced slices. The possibilities are numerous – explore them yourself with the basic recipe that we bring below.

3. Baked ham with brown sugar glaze

Source:: Food Network

This dish is so good that it is a real shame to eat it only once a year. With this dish you can combine seasonal vegetables as a side dish and you will get a dish that you will enjoy throughout the year. It is perfect for a Sunday family lunch.

4. Tasty ribs

Source: Tasty

You can prepare this dish in several ways, and best of all, there is no bad recipe! The combination of sweet, crunchy, and spicy will satisfy all the senses.

5. Pull-apart Christmas tree

Source: Simply Delicious

Dough balls filled with mozzarella, parmesan and butter that melt over the yellowed balls formed in the shape of a Christmas tree can be the perfect snack, not only during the winter, but throughout the year. All you have to do is form the balls into another shape. Do you think it’s a Christmas dish even now that it’s formed into a flower?

6. Gingerbread cookies

Source: The PKP Way

Yes, these cookies are made in various shapes that remind us that winter is underway – snowflakes, snowflakes, houses, stars. But if you make them in other molds, for example in the shape of a heart, and surprise your loved one, it will never occur to anyone that this delicacy is reserved exclusively for the holiday table.

There are many more dishes that are associated with the happiest holiday, of course, the variety of food differs from one tradition to another. Read more about recipes that will not leave even the most discerning person indifferent.

What is the most important thing for a dish to succeed?

Everything you do, you need to do with love and only then will it turn out exactly as it should. This also applies to cooking. If you are in a hurry, or reluctant to spend time in the kitchen, this will be noticed in your meals as well. Why do we often say that grandma’s dishes are the most delicious? Because she paid full attention to them in preparation and lovingly prepared them to gather the family at the table. This is another proof that love is the mover of everything, right?

What are the ingredients that smell like Christmas?

For most people, many scents and tastes are reserved exclusively for this holiday – the smell of cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, orange…There are also many main dishes, and these are usually the “thesis” because winter is reserved for fatty and high-calory foods, while due to the great heat we prefer something lighter, like a salad. However, this is something you don’t need to fully adhere to, because in essence, there are no foods that are reserved for a particular holiday. Unless it is a seasonal fruits and vegetables that you certainly can’t buy anytime even if you want to.

Source: Southern Living

Why do we love Christmas?

In addition to outstanding cuisine, there are many other reasons why we love this holiday. Let’s look together.

Buying gifts

There is no better feeling than when you make a loved one happy with a special gift. Is there a better time for that than this?

No one asks you why you gained weight

Christmas is a holiday when everyone is filled with a few extra pounds. What’s especially important, no one will ask you why you gained weight because they know the answer so they don’t bother you with it. While the house smells of numerous cakes, French salad and roasts, no one thinks about calories and how the scales show more pounds every day.

Source: Simply Recipes

A handful of reasons to celebrate and get drunk

Christmas Eve comes first when you drink a few more glasses. After him comes Christmas when everyone relaxes the brakes. Then the name days start, and you don’t even get to turn around, it’s New Year’s Eve in front of you. This week you have every day an excuse for gatherings and consecutive toasts with glasses of alcohol.

Charging the batteries

In addition to eating, drinking and hanging out with loved ones, you also have time to recharge your batteries for the Christmas holidays. Since you have the most days off, you can take a mental and physical break from college, school or work.

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