7 Simple Tricks That Will Make Your Coffee Taste Better

Drinking black coffee without any sugar or milk is not what people are used to and for a majority, this is too strong. You do need the coffee to wake you up in the morning, but there are so many versions of it that the only the sky’s the limit.

With the coffee makers available today on the market, you can prepare your favorite coffee at home instantly. The taste of coffee is not something most people adore, as it simply becomes a habit. The first time you try it is when you frown and ask how somebody drinks it. But after a while, you just get used to it and the caffeine just wakes you up!

Of course, there are a lot of health benefits of coffee you should keep in mind. But how can you improve the taste of it? That’s what we are here to discuss!

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1. Adding Sugar or Milk

This method of improving the coffee taste is used worldwide. Is it the healthiest? No. But it makes coffee sweet and for some people, that is all it takes to make it enjoyable.

  • Sugar – Sugar isn’t the healthiest ingredient to sweeten the coffee, so we suggest you add just a little bit to take away the bitterness of it. There are variants of sugar and instead of the white one, you can use brown.
  • Milk – A slightly improved version of improving your coffee taste is adding milk to it. A lot of people find this to irritate their stomach and might feel bloated after drinking milk. However, plenty of alternatives exist here – choose almond, soy, or coconut milk and you’ve solved that problem.

2. Cinnamon

Moving on to cinnamon – awesome in combination with apple cakes and teas, cinnamon can also be used with coffee. It has that sweet element to it and it is much healthier than sugar. Did you know that Cinnamon has a bunch of antioxidants that help your body detox?

Now that you do, you might as well add it to your coffee. Only a pinch will suffice – you don’t want to fully mask that coffee taste. Other than sweetness, cinnamon has that specific taste to it and it will add an exotic element to your coffee.

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3. Vanilla (Or Any Other) Extract

Do you want your coffee to have a rather specific taste of, let’s say, vanilla? If so, you can always buy some vanilla extract at the store and a little bit of your morning coffee.

Speaking of extracts, they are not the healthiest variants, but a tad will not make the difference and endanger your health. In fact, you will not even feel it. What you will feel though is the improved coffee taste! A taste of vanilla – refreshing, but also strong – and that is what you need!

4. Use Coffee Beans and Grind Them

Most of us buy coffee which is already ground and packed in bags. There’s nothing wrong with that and all you have to do is prepare it. It is super easy and tasty. However, if you want a much better coffee, make sure you buy coffee beans and grind them at home. Once you start using freshly roasted coffee beans, you will immediately notice the difference.

However, store your coffee as such – don’t grind it all at once – do so before brewing it. That way, the coffee will retain its freshness.

This complicates things a bit, but if you want to improve your coffee taste, it is what you need to do. You don’t even have to add anything to it, once it is done. Another way to improve your coffee taste is by proper tamping of your coffee grounds. You can learn more about tamping coffee over at The Brew Therapy.

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5. Buy Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines

This isn’t really a trick, but it will change the way you prepare coffee at home. There is a large number of coffee makers on sale and according to Pick and Brew, you only need to select your favorite. Ranging from Drip Coffee Makers to Keurig and French Press, it is only a matter of preference. What your favorite coffee is determined which maker you will purchase.

At the end of the day, if you are a true coffee aficionado, you might end up with a couple of them. That way, you can really diversify your coffee making and drink a different type of coffee each day!

The machines themselves are made with this special purpose – to make a specific type of coffee. And that is the reason why using these machines makes the coffee taste terrific.

6. Honey or Maple Syrup

Another way to sweeten your coffee and make it more enjoyable is to add honey or maple syrup. This is a much healthier alternative to sugar, but the trick is to know how much to add and which type of honey to use.

Perhaps, you will need to do some experiments here before you find the perfect combination. You want the honey to be mild, and something to balance out the coffee taste, not completely overtake it. You might not enjoy the first few cups, but you will ace after a couple of takes.

Once you discover the perfect combination, you will not manage to live without honeyed coffee! The same is with maple syrup.

Not a lot of people put this in their coffee and you might attract a few glimpses from your colleagues and friends. Offer them a cup of this coffee and if they like it sweet, they will change their habits immediately!

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7. The quality of water

In case you are used to coffee makers, you need to reconsider the water you use for it. This can significantly change the taste, and you are not even aware of it. It is a simple trick to use and all you need to do is use a water filter pitcher instead of the tap or distilled water.

For instance, if you filter the water heavily or use fully distilled water, it will lack the ions and mineral content and therefore, it will use the minerals out of the metal components instead. That’s not so great because it will change the taste and you will notice it.


Follow any of these tips and you will certainly make your coffee taste a lot better. You can combine some of them as well and see what happens. As long as you enjoy your coffee – that is all that matters!

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