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In this article, we will talk about a firm that had an emergent force in app development. Here Peter White from Casino Magazine talks with Andy Anderson, Managing Director of Tablish, a digital publishing company. The company’s content is tailored around iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. However, the world of apps doesn’t stop at these mobile devices, and Tablish wants to be ahead of the curve.

The company is branching out into everything, from employees to wellness, from VR to casino play. Andy sees this opportunity as a way of people playing table games from reputable land-based casinos from the comfort of their own home. This does sound similar to online casinos, such as Admiral Casino, or other casino apps in casino gaming.

Besides, Tablish is involved in everything like routine, inventory tracking, and gambling. The company doesn’t only collaborate with casinos, and it collaborates with entities as large as the government.

When Was the Company Founded?

Tablish was founded in 2011, shortly after the launch of the iPad. Andy said that the event would quickly create a demand for publishers to offer their readers digital solutions. After six months of development, Tablish started a solution for publishers to provide an entrance to the market. For Tablish, this was an entry into the tech market, and since then, they have transitioned in creating custom apps for all sectors.

In late 2019, Tablish was acquired by BIPROS who has offices in the UK, USA, and India with over 200 developers. BIPROS was founded in 2009 and was set by six senior members from IBM and INFOSYS.

The Most Significant App Development


In recent times, app technology is continuously evolving with other devices such as smartwatches, wearables, sensors, and IoT. This evolution has opened a whole new way to host uses and applications at home and in business. Other vital developments for apps are AR and VR, which has a fantastic potential for the casino industry. AI is also becoming widespread in our daily life, that we don’t even notice the programme recommendations from Netflix. Besides, even cross-platform development tools have improved over the years, which reduced the cost of developing an app on both iOS and Android.

How the Company Utilised These Technologies?


Tablish is currently working with a global client who helps companies enhance the workplace and employees’ well-being to increase productivity. The app that deals with is created to extract data from other health apps and wearable technologies. This will give both employer and employee feedback to help them aid their performance and wellbeing.

Another project that Tablish recently completed was for the construction industry, where the app utilizes AI technology to provide quantity and costs of building materials based on past projects.

From the Online Gaming Perspective


Tablish believes that adding enhancing features for their casino app will help operators provide players’ best features. In the future, the company sees the use of virtual reality where users can experience the buzz of a casino floor from anywhere. This feature can offer players an experience that is much more than just using laptops or mobile devices.

The technology in the casino industry is evolving, which is why Tablish wants a focus on this sector. They want to leverage the technology they apply from other sectors into gaming. The software library they have allows the company to leverage certain elements in multiple projects, which will reduce the development time and cost. This is also coupled with utilizing the best frameworks from Apple and Google, enabling Tablish to provide a high-quality product.

Examples of Created Apps


Tablish has created a range of apps, from booking apps for the hospitality industry and sports gaming apps to inventory stock systems for leading tech companies. Overseas, one of their largest projects is an operational app that provides maintenance for a countrywide electrical grid in India directly for their government.

When it comes to online casino apps, Tablish’s apps are have both automated and custom notifications. Besides, AI is also used because the technology is already a massive part of online gaming apps. The company is heavily involved in machine learning, and with the nature of casinos and player habits, machine learning will help in certain situations. For example, in casinos, AI is used in preventing cheating in online apps.

Another app created by Tablish is for Championship Football Team AFC Bournemouth. The app is used for five years by the football club in their match day programme. This app has become much more popular for both fans and other sports teams. Besides, Tablish has also created a Player’s App, which provides information such as training schedules, which are accessed by playing staff on their devices. The app is developed continually where extra features are added.

Besides, when it comes to land-based casinos, Tablish can help out operators by consulting with them, offer them a proposal on how the technology is best utilized for business. There is also a growing trend for hotel and casino-resorts where there is a concierge app that allows guests to message reception, order room service, book a massage, and be informed about offers from nearby businesses.

The app uses AI technology to send offers to the user while they stay at the hotel based on previous visit habits. Besides, Tablish can also create or improve any type of website where all of their apps are integrated in some way, either in the back end or front end of the website.

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