Apple iWatch First Impression and Review

Finally, after years of anticipation and tons of rumors we have the actual wearable product form apple Inc. It’s Apple’s first ever all new product launch since the original iPad in 2010. It took 4 years for Apple to launch an all new product and we hope all the answers what other smartwatch manufacturers have not answered yet.

Apple watch was announced at the Apple’s September event along with new iPhone 6 and 6 plus. While the iPhones are out in the market and earning money for the company, Apple watch is yet to hit the stores. As per the news, Apple watch will be available in the retail stores in the first quarter of 2015. Prices start from $349 (INR 21500). Apple iWatch2

What does it do?

Apple watch plays music, it measures your heartbeat, it’s a fitness tracker, it can send and receive text messages, it can send and receive calls and audio recordings as well. You can use to make payments with Apple watch via Apple Pay. It controls your Apple TV and can work as a remote for smart home devices. You can use it as digital key to unlock smart locks on the doors at home. Apple watch can use your iPhone’s internet connection to home automation features like smart thermostats with the help of certain apps. Since it’s a watch, it tell you time as well which is claimed to accurate on the scale of + or – 50 milliseconds. You can customize watch faces to suit your taste. It also allows you to see lunar cycles and weather along with quick view of massages and calendar events.

Apple iWatch8

With Apple watch Apple aims to provide a complete smartwatch experience by knitting everything together. Notification, Voice control and swipe to glance are not new we have already seen them in Google’s Android Wear Devices and voice calling and focus on apps is very much similar to Samsung’s gear watches. We will wait to wait and watch to know how well it performs when it comes.

The Apple is focused on fitness. It has four sapphire lenses on the back and they promise to deliver more accurate heart rate measurements when compared to older heart rate monitors on other smartwatch such as Moto 360 or Samsung’s Gear 2. Apple Watch combines infrared and LED technology together. Apple’s fitness app is brilliantly designed: one counts calories, moderate activity and time you spend standing. The other is responsible for range of workout activities like cycling. It works with other third party apps like Nike-plus and we will able to have bunch of other apps by the time it arrives.

Why do you need to use Apple watch?

Apple watch works with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 plus. All the previous versions of iPhones are excluded unfortunately. Although it works when disconnected but to use it to the core its necessary to own an iPhone to own an Apple watch.

Apple iWatch9

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